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17.89 miles = new record!

This week I’ve really tried to get some miles in for my aim of maybe walking 60 miles this month. It’s been an average week weather wise but I’m getting used to walking in unwelcoming dreary weather now, I used to be a sunshine and hot day only walker.
I’m so chuffed because today I beat my all time best week of walking and this week have managed to walk 17.89 miles! This is in a week of working and with no walking group as my orthodontist got in the way! So I have a little over 2 weeks left and have walked 32 miles already, I just need to keep this momentum going and my 60 mile target is in my reach! 👍

Here are some pictures from my longest walk of 4.5 miles on Thursday.

This was our route today round both lakes and home in the rain! I found the walking was a good distraction from the pain i’m feeling in my braces today!

I hope you have all had a great week and I’d love to hear what you are getting up to this weekend!

Thanks for reading

Lou x


2 thoughts on “17.89 miles = new record!

  1. This walking goal is so inspiring! I’ve been jogging about 12 miles/week on the treadmill, but that falls well short of your monthly goal. And seeing your lovely photos reminds me that clocking miles at the gym is so different than spending them in nature. With Spring finally here, I think I need to set some new goals. Thank you for the inspiration! And congrats on walking 17.89 miles this week!

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    1. Ah thank you so much I’m glad I’ve inspired you to get walking! I don’t think you should play down your treadmill activity though because that’s really good going, I just wouldn’t have the same motivation if my surroundings didn’t change every time I went out 🙂

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