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Adult Braces – progress and pain

So a couple of days ago I shared just how pleased I was after my trip to the orthodontist meant that a couple more teeth could be included in my wires which meant they are that much closer to being lined up all nice and straight. Well today I am fed up. Fed up of being in so much pain! It seems my teeth were a little sore when I first left but talk about a delayed reaction! The next morning after my appointment I woke up with an ‘owww!’ My mouth was in agony. Not only did my teeth feel kind of numb and sore but my jaw also started to ache on the top and bottom. To go with this every time I touch my teeth together I get a shooting pain through one of them!

Now I knew this would be a painful process but I wasn’t expecting to be midway through a sentence and suddenly have to stop talking because my teeth had touched and I was in such excruciating pain it drove me to tears! 

So several painkillers later and yesterday was done with but I expected to wake up today fresh and hopefully clear of this pain. Not a chance,again my first word was ‘oww’ and again my breakfast was painkillers. Now there is no way my first tightening was this bad so is this just something that gets worse every time as they link more teeth in? 

So I managed my dinner tonight but it just took me a while longer and my teeth just hurt so much after any meal it’s almost just a necessity eating because I’m hungry, it’s not like I’m enjoying food at the moment. Which brings me on to cleaning,my god it’s painful to brush my teeth right now! The first night I couldn’t even brush them at all and every time since I’ve not managed the full 3 minutes because they are just too sore. 

I’m trying my best to clean them but with being in this much pain it’s really not easy. I’m just hoping this has eased off tomorrow or work is really not going to be fun! 

Does anyone have any advice or braces tales they can tell me?

Thanks for reading 

Lou x


3 thoughts on “Adult Braces – progress and pain

  1. Hi there, I have to say that I feel your pain! I don’t think mine is quite as bad as yours though. Yes, they do hurt and are very tender after each Ortho appointment. It can last a few days and you just have to settle for softer foods.
    I am also not enjoying my food. I am still not used to my braces. I will not miss them in the slightest! Lol your teeth are looking great though and mine have really improved.
    As much as I hate them I have never regretted having them. It is worth it and I am happy that I finally went ahead with the treatment and I am sure you are too. Xx

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    1. Hey! Well today finally the pain is easing off, still not gone but not as bad as it was. My teeth just feel wrong, do you know what I mean? It’s like they don’t fit in the same place they used to, Which is silly because I know they are moving but it just seems after this appt they really feel different. It’s hard to explain. No I don’t regret them, it is just a more painful process than I expected! Xx


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