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Sampling the Cretan foods 

Every time I go to another country I always make sure I try the local foods, I’m a bit foodie anyway so this is never much of a chore for me! 

Some countries it works out better than others, the meat and dumplings in Prague was unusual but hey at least I can say I tried it!
Our hotel in Crete had so much on offer every day and always a designated section for traditional Greek food.
This sign was out at every meal time and I have to say I could get very used to the Cretan diet, I just loved the variety of beans and salad we could choose from and have to say I ate a lot of olives while out there! 

The Loukoumades in the picture were a sweet treat I particularly enjoyed, think of them as a small funny shaped doughnut with a bit of syrup and cinnamon sprinkled on. They were delicious and I had to stop myself before I ate too many!

Another thing Ioved about the food is the amount of different ways they present vegetables! This is my plate one evening, you can see where my extra few pounds came from, but on there I have stuffed pepper with feta cheese and tomatoes, roasted vegetables,fresh tomatoes and olives and vegetable balls! They also do so many different things with potatoes too it just really inspires me to come home and be more adventurous with my food.

T ate very well on holiday always picking at least 3 or 4 salad options for her plate and not being afraid to try new foods especially if I said  it was a Greek food! (This came in handy when I wanted her to try a couple of things and she wasn’t too sure, naughty Mummy!)

This was an evening where they had several different mouthfulls of food for you to try as you went in, my favourite was the feta cheese terrine but of course I tried them all! 

We were also lucky enough to get booked into the A la Carte restaurant one night of our stay where we were presented with a Greek meze starter to share and even a kids meze for T! It was delicious, the Greek meatballs and salad being a big hit but wow there was a lot of food! 

The one thing I was surprised about out there and didn’t even try for a few days was the Cretan wine. They don’t seem to have rose it’s either red or white and as I can no longer drink red because of my ceramic braces and I don’t like white wine I left it. But a few days in I became curious and tried it and it was delicious! It was so smooth and easy to drink I didn’t feel like I was drinking white wine at all! After that it became one of my favourites and I’m now on the hunt to see if I can get a bottle or two back home! Scott also enjoyed the Greek beer Mythos! 

Finally on our way home we had to stop and get some Milka from the airport. It’s kind of a tradition now every trip we come back from we have to bring some back so for us it’s not really a holiday unless we come back with Milka 😁


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