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A Midsummer Nights Dream

Last week we were lucky enough to be able to return to Tolethorpe House to watch another Shakespeare play. We first went to Tolthorpe 2 years ago when Scott surprised me with tickets to my favourite play Romeo and Juliet. I remember every detail being a surprise and not knowing where to go or what I was doing was really fun so this time we felt like veterans!

We arrived in the grounds about 6pm and the idea is you take a picnic before the show to eat in the grounds. We were one of the first cars in the car park and so had plenty of picnic space to choose from. The view really is stunning looking over the house as you eat and we were so happy the sun finally broke through just as we arrived.

 So after you finish your picnic it’s back to the car to drop off your things and pick up the blankets, I’ll explain in a minute, and then over to the theatre. The theatre is open air so the stage is completely exposed to the elements but the seating is undercover. Every year I have been the stage is always wonderfully presented and can be used and changed throughout the performance to really maximise the space. There is always a wow moment too, this year it was right near the end of the play when all the fairies had gathered in the wood and bam suddenly hundreds of tiny fairy lights were switched on round every tree on the stage! The audience gasped and wowed, it really was beautiful.

The entrance to the theatre
The play began and the actors really were fantastic especially Puck who played his part so well. The play is funny anyway but the audience really enjoyed his jokes and stage presence. In the interval everyone leaves to get drinks from inside Tolthorpe house, we had pre ordered some to save time but there was tea and coffee available at a very reasonable price. 

The second half of the play really was so funny and had us all laughing several times. Us veterans know it does get cold watching an open air performance so this is where your blankets come in handy! Everyone that had been before had a blanket for the second half, after freezing during our first visit we were much better prepared this time!

The show finished with Pucks broom being left on stage and I had to get a picture of it for T as she has a fairy that lives in her garden called Puck too, she was really pleased to see it. All in all I would thoroughly recommend an outdoor theatre and being a lover of Shakespeare anyway if you are in the area Tolthorpe is a great evening out and really something different to do with a summers evening. We will definitely be back.


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