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Revisiting our wedding venue, one hot week and some Wimbledon!

It’s so hard to believe that Sunday next week I will have been married a year! All the planning and build up and then the most wonderful day and now our first anniversary is fast approaching! We have a trip planned to the Peak District next weekend then will be back on our anniversary to celebrate with T but this week on our day off we decided to go and have lunch at our wedding venue!

It was one of those really impromptu decisions that on a sunny day the week before our anniversary just sounded perfect. The memories started flooding back as soon as we pulled into the village of our venue. Firstly how my wedding car pulled into the village and stopped outside the venue then when we got into the carpark how it felt walking outside as a married couple for the first time, sitting outside with our guests in the evening, standing down by the river for photos and the kids all playing nicely with the outdoor games. It was so nice to go back for the first time since the wedding just the two of us and remember it all. 

After sitting outside for lunch we walked down to the river and had a little hug, it really was the most wonderful day and we just took a moment to be thankful for it all. 

Here we are stood on that bridge in the background on our wedding day.

It has been a lovely hot week here and I’ve used the nice weather to get some miles in with Poppy, even today with it being a very hot day we made it to walking group and managed 4 miles! 

Now we are home it’s definitely time to catch up on some Wimbledon! It’s a real favourite of mine and I’ve grown up watching it every year so just took this love and interest and am now sharing it with T. From her being small we have watched it together and she now knows some of the main players just to look at! I think my enjoyment and passion when it’s a big game just rubs off on her and she ends up getting excited for it too. I thought I would mark my first day of watching it, if only work didn’t get in the way I would be watching every day, with some traditional Wimbledon favourites, Pimms and lemonade and strawberries and cream! 

Enjoy your weekend guys! 

Thanks for reading,

Lou x

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