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Our children and social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, these days our children are all over them. Whether you are a serial poster of certificates, days outs, and family occasions or a once a year profile picture changer the chances are your family have made social media in some way. Even if we don’t take pictures at an event there will usually be someone who is and the photos are more than likely to end up online at some stage in the excitement of things. 
Photos are taken at school, at birthday parties, at clubs and friends houses, with cameras being at our finger tips now we as parents never have to miss a minute of our little ones childhoods and with fun apps like Snapchat selfies and filters are a part of our little ones lives even if we don’t use them ourselves. There is no way of escaping it from kids tv programs showing teenage girls taking selfies or their friends at school talking about how they used their parents Snapchat to take a selfie even if you wanted to keep them away from it, it’s impossible. We live in a digital world, the internet is widely used all day every day and I think we need to stop thinking of the negative points of this and start thinking of how amazing the technology we have at our fingertips really is.

My family are all so spread out, my Mum is in one county, my Nan is in another and I’m in another. My sister lives in New York and from September my brother will live in Hong Kong! I have family and friends far and wide and without the internet and use of social media it would be so difficult to keep everyone up to date. My daughter is changing and growing on a daily basis and without the internet they would miss all this. The ease and simplicity of social media means we can share photos with just a few clicks of a button and they can log on and see what we have done that weekend or how much fun she has had with her friends or at a party whenever is a good time for them.
Friends sharing pictures of T means I don’t miss out on things I never would have seen and memories made with her friends can be recalled at the click of a button bringing back the same smile they made in the first place.
Pictures are stored in albums we never print, there to be recalled whenever we choose. There to compare a year apart, And share if we choose. I read today that a child growing up knowing they will get likes on a picture online will grow up with a complex, worrying what others think of themselves. If they know we have deleted several pictures to post the perfect one they will start to start to strive for perfection from an early age and this could make eating disorders a more likely possibility!

My child does not worry about how many likes she gets online, nor does she ask for a filter-not that I would ever use one to enhance a photo of her, she doesn’t worry about others opinion and is only interested if her family comment on her memories and achievements. She will ask for a photo if she thinks she has worked hard on a piece of art and wants to share it with people or if she is giving her puppy a big cuddle and wants to show her love for her or If she has a new dress for a party. If we have been a bike ride and are proud of how far we have come or are having a happy and fun day out she sees nothing wrong with me taking a photo and me sharing it so her family can see.

Some people may say I share too much online and they don’t have the time or the wish to share as many photos as I do but with everyone’s family situation being completely different I don’t think they can judge without being in my position. My security is updated so my photos are only shared with my friends and family and I don’t use Instagram. Maybe if I had everyone closer I wouldn’t post so much, but one thing it will not affect is my daughter. With so much negativity in the world why do we have to draw on the negativity of the internet aswell? We will all have a digital footprint no matter how hard we try so why can’t we embrace the internet and use these sites for the purpose they were made without being made to feel guilty for it?


2 thoughts on “Our children and social media

  1. Totally agree with you!! Why keep kids away from it when that is the world they are growing up in? Keeping them away from all of that will just put them at a disadvantage in my opinion. Also, I think its so sweet that she asks for a photo when she cuddles her puppy! :))

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    1. Thank you! 😁 oh she loves that dog! She must tell her at least 3 times a day how much she loves her it’s just adorable! Yes there is so much interaction online even at school these days I don’t see the point of pretending it’s not there why not just embrace it and find something else to hate about 😉

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