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Poppy’s operation day!

So today was the day that Poppy gets spayed. It’s been booked for weeks but we have all been getting a little nervous knowing it was approaching and today as I walked her to the vets at 8.30 I was trying to be as normal as possible but I wondered if the nerves were travelling down the lead. 

We were the only people in the vets but she was still very unsure as I handed her over to the vet nurse. I blinked back the tears at leaving her for the first time and lied as I told T she was very brave and went in just fine! 

The day passed quickly at work but she was never very far from my thoughts. When I rang at 5 30 I knew I had to keep busy until 6pm when I could go and get her. 

The vets was busy when I went in so I made sure I settled up and got her pain killers and before they brought her out so I could just leave straight away with her. Then wow that moment when my sad looking little pup was brought out complete with lampshade style scratch collar just to make her look even smaller and more forlorn if it could even be possible. 

There was no tail wag she simply came with me and walked the 15 paces to the car where I scooped her up and placed her gently on the front seat for the 2 minute journey home. Once home she had a very long drink and then got straight in her bed where she has been for the last 2 hours!

She is whining and groaning as she rests which the vet nurse told me is normal but it doesn’t make it any easier to bear. I keep stroking her head and telling her she is ok. I hope it is reassuring to her to know I’m here when she is feeling her worst. She has a neat little wound on her belly and a shaved front leg from the IV line and is due for her post op check on Monday. 

In the meantime we have to keep her from jumping on or off the sofa, She can’t go upstairs and she can’t go off the lead. All of which seems completely irrelevant now while she is laying here whining and groaning but I’m sure she will get her strength back in a few days. 

For now we have just managed her first trip outside for a toilet break and even s small wag of the tail before having another long drink and collapsing on my lap. 

Get better soon Poppy because T will be so upset if you are still like this when she gets home at 5pm tomorrow. 

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Love on the rocks 

So today I found out about a challenge called love on the rocks, the idea is you decorate a rock and hide it somewhere for someone to find. 

Your rock can have any design you want on and I’ve seen them ranging from Batman to Minions, flowers to unicorns and love hearts! 

On the back you must write Love on the rocks keep or ‘re hide!

There is a local group on Facebook for love on the rocks on your area and the idea is you take a photo of your rocks before you hide them and say roughly what area of the town they are in. You also take a picture of any rocks you find and add that to the page so people know when their rocks have been found and rehidden!

So tonight we came home and painted 4 rocks then after dinner went out And found fun places to hide them!

T was so excited to do this and can’t wait to see if they get found tomorrow 😁

Here are our rocks.

Here are some of the other rocks hidden around my area. 
We plan to make and hide more rocks around our area and have Halloween ideas in mind along with lots more!

I’d love to see if anyone has done this in their local area!

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Why do I feel like I’m the only one standing still?

So today I feel flat, not upset, not emotional, not stressed just flat. I’m not sure if it’s my brother moving to Japan for a year, I had a small cry yesterday morning when I wrote him a little goodbye post, a long term colleague leaving announcing he’s leaving, Me turning down an offer of what would have meant I was working full time hours every week because I felt I couldn’t make the commitment to my family I want to be able to or just because everyone else seems to be moving forwards while I’m stood still. 
There is a limit to what I can do with my employment if I still want to be there for the sports days, special assemblies, teaching training days and ballet lessons. There are only so many hours im available to work if I don’t want T in after school club every day and want her to continue her out of school hobbies.

Motherhood is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done but I feel like to do it properly I have to sacrifice all lifestyle/career changes until T reaches high school. No I don’t particularly want to move to Japan but I would like to be able to say yes I’m making a change. Wouldn’t it be great to say yes I’m moving on to new and exciting chapters in my life? I’m starting a job I really want to do, a new challenge not to mention financially contributing more to my family than I currently do. Yet when an opportunity presents itself I feel like I can’t say yes because my family has to come first and working full time hours would mean sacrifices I don’t want to make.

It would be so nice to feel like I was making progression in my life, that I had a goal I could work towards achieving, besides motherhood instead of feeling like the world is changing around me while I stand still.

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Mrs M made the week!

So this is it, the last day on my own! While Scott has been away on his annual windsurfing trip all week and I’m ready for him to come back now! I feel like this week out of all his trips I have felt more comfortable in my own company than any other before. Me and T have had a busy week with her having a party, two playdates, ballet, riding and first week of choir at school. To add to that I’ve been to work, attended a meeting at Ts school, managed to maintain the housework, seen lots of friends and yesterday finally managed to take Poppy out for longer than 20 minutes! 

It’s been a good week but the highlight has to be visiting my brother on Thursday. He is leaving for Japan on Sunday for his 3rd year at University studying Japanese. He will be there for a year minimum studying so I really wanted to take a trip to see him before he went. It was a rush to get there and get back before the school pick up time at 3pm but I managed it and we had a really good catch up over hot chocolate and cake! 

I gave him a few small but thoughtful gifts along with some Yen to take with him and he was really chuffed. 

I got a reluctant photo of the both of us, he’s really not into photos for no reason as he calls it, and this is a smile for him!

Quirks and all I’m super proud of him for what he has achieved, all be it winging it a lot of the way he has still done all this and is going to live on the other side of the world on his own, something I couldn’t imagine him doing a few years ago.

T also had some good news this week in that she got a place on a 3 day residential trip in March with her school. She was super happy and I’m pleased for her, I feel it will be a great experience and she will love the freedom and independence it gives her. This was her happy face when she found out the news!

We also marked 4 years at ballet for T with the customary photo, my baby seems to small to have done anything for 4 years but she has!

All in all its been a good week, I feel like I’ve been able to create a good balance between Mummy and T time, Me time and Poppy time. Don’t get me wrong it’s been busy and a lot of work at times just the two of us but I feel like I’ve created a little routine and we have adapted just fine. 

Half way round the lake yesterday though I wished I had someone to share this beautiful view with!

Come back now Scott we are done with skyping you!


Modern times-  who does your chores?

With more women now taking part time jobs or choosing to stay at home after having children the question begs, whose responsibility is the housework and general day to day running of the home?

I’ve had several by chance conversations with friends recently and there seem to be a couple of different outcomes;

Firstly the housework is shared equally between both parents. This approach is taken when both adults appreciate that time at home is better spent together and as a family so the teamwork approach to housework and responsibilities means it gets done quicker with more quality time together. This could also include making packed lunches, walking the dog, or gardening. At the end the day you both live in the house so spending an hour on your day off helping to clean it shouldn’t be too much to ask right? Same as emptying the dishwasher when you see it’s finished or taking the bin out, if you can see it’s a job that needs doing why not just do it so you can enjoy that quality time at the end of the day.

Secondly there is the approach which is that the stay home mums/part time working Mums complete all of the housework and chores and day to day running of the house, including pet care, meal prep, children’s homework etc. This approach seems to be more commonly taken due to the man of the house being the main bread winner and so putting in longer hours at work, working more days and generally just not being available to complete the general household tasks that require completing to keep a tidy home.

There are two ways to look at this approach, one that it fits perfectly with the working hours of both adults so why shouldn’t the woman complete all chores and tasks around the house while the man comes home to rest in a tidy clean house with dinner made and his washing folded neatly in his drawer?

Two that this approach is archaic and in a modern world why are women still completing all of the household tasks simply because the men work longer hours or earn more money?
A study was recently conducted which showed being a part time working mother was the equivilant of actually having two and a half full time jobs! After all the work isn’t done at 5pm, there are meetings at the school to attend, birthday parties to run your child to, all while remembering to complete the homework, make the packed lunches and take the PE kit into school so why should these tasks fall just to the women?

As far as I see it parenting/marriage is a partnership and no matter how tired you both are at the end of the day if you can say you have both helped to tidy the house before you relax for the evening or one of you tidies up from dinner while the other puts the bins out there is satisfaction in knowing you helped each other.

Either way as long as you have an approach that works for you then that’s great, I would love to hear what works for you though!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Sunday = Mum on a mission

So Scott is away this week which leaves me in full on mission mode with Sunday as no exception! 

Yesterday started with a riding lesson, and we celebrated the fact T has now been riding 2 years and still absolutely loves it! 

Next we walked Pops and I tackled the lawn and cleaned the windows so it now longer looks like we have moved out and abandoned the garden! 

Then some friends came round and the girls spent a while doing arts and crafts while we had a catch up, well deserved chill time until a huge spider decided to make an appearance and I had to rescue the two screaming girls from it 😄 

Dinner time meant time for a little roast for me and my girl, it’s been a while since I cooked a roast for us and it actually turned out really good. 

Then we chatted to Scott, read some of T’s school book, cleared up from dinner, made lunches, ironed shirts and finally watched half an hour of tv together. 

Is it any wonder she was fast asleep within minutes at bed time? 😊

One productive weekend over and done, I’ve so got this! 
Thanks for reading 

Lou x

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Single Mum strength for one week only!

So for the next 7 days I am officially a single Mum! Scott has gone away on his yearly windsurfing trip with his Dad so it’s just me and my girl all week! This means a few things, 

  • We can stay up late watching Princess filled Disney films, the kind that boys don’t really want to watch but will do if they have to. 
  • We are one down at meal times which means we seem to have leftovers as I am no longer used to cooking for 1 and a half people!
  • I don’t need to worry about being alone in my bed because a certain little person has already moved in!
  • Girls playdates and Mummy catch ups with coffee are on the agenda at every available opportunity.

So with this fun filled girly week ahead also comes great responsibility! Certain things I just am not used to doing anymore for example:

  • Full garden mantainence falls to me which with this constant rain means cutting the ever growing lawn is going to build those arm muscles!
  • I’m now on full bin duty, including food waste, recycling, and general waste, yay me!
  • I am the only person available to walk Poppy for the next 7 days, which doesn’t sound too bad but when you are suddenly cook, cleaner, homework monitor, hairdresser, laundry maid, ironing chief, pet carer, employee and mother fitting in 2 walks a day every day isn’t as easy as it sounds! 

Then there is the emotional side of things:

  • After my tightening yesterday my braces are as standard, crazy painful and hard lumps are forming in my mouth already where they’re rubbing. 
  • Evenings will be lonely, Yes I have plans for some of them but it’s that last part before bed when you are watching lame tv and just fancy a cuddle that it really hits you.
  • I don’t care how old you are when you are alone in a house and it’s dark outside and you hear a noise it’s scary, especially with only a small fluffy dog for protection!
  • I now have to be the brave one! There is no Scott to call if a spider decides to make an appearance in the house, a crazy person decides to drive the wrong way round a round about and come head on towards me as per last Monday or T loses another tooth which she keeps telling me is starting to wobble! 

Until you are in this situation where you find yourself on your own whether for a short time or for longer you take for granted and come to realise just how much of a partnership your marriage is and how much of a team you are. Now I know I can get through this week and enjoy some time to myself aswell as manage the school run, look after T and Poppy and meet friends and family but if Scott was here we would do this all as a team. 

As it stands I’m left making my own cups of tea and coffee for the next week and feeling eternally grateful my husband will be back to me before I know it because marriage is a partnership I now know I wouldn’t be without.❤

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Adult Braces- progress update!

So it’s been 8 weeks since my last visit to the orthodontist, I think because I have been pretty busy it seemed to go a lot quicker this time. So I knew today she wanted to get a few of the brackets on my top teeth taken off and repositioned to make the teeth all the same level. What I had forgotten about was the process of getting brackets put on as we are 9 months since I got them first fitted! 

Firstly the existing brackets were taken off, So I had never been through this before so wasn’t expecting them to just literally snap off with one of their fancy tools! A few snaps later and then the cold water jets started, then my teeth were cleaned and cleaned again then new brackets were applied using the glue and UV light. 

As it’s been a while since I had this done I somehow had forgotten about the wonderful mouth opening contraption you have fitted before this all takes place and also just how many people end up crowded right round your head with about a million different things happening at once! So the new brackets are in and also this time I have this coiled spring right infront of the only tooth that isn’t linked in the braces wire. This is to help make space by pulling the teeth back next to it and so hopefully I can get that one linked in next time. 

I wasn’t expecting the beautiful spring section so it was a shock when i looked in the mirror but hopefully it’s only for 8 weeks and next time it should come off, I’m hoping anyway. 

So time for a progress picture, the top is day one and bottom 9 months in!

I can’t help but feel happier when I look back at day 1 but have to keep reminding myself that these won’t be on forever when they don’t seem to be moving as quickly as I would like! 

End goal in mind heres the next 8 week’s!

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I got published!! 

So it was nearly a year ago I started this blog as a way to share my experiences with braces as an adult. It has turned into me sharing much more and I love writing it as much as I do reading everyone else’s! 

When I started I never would have thought this day would happen or that I would even want to instigate it but I did and now I couldn’t feel more inspired! 

So a few weeks ago I contacted a few local magazines asking if they wanted any contributions and including some of my blog posts. Mostly they either didn’t reply or replied and said they had no need for any more authors at the moment but will keep me in mind in the future but one said they would love a contribution!

And so commenced me frantically searching through blog posts to try and find one that might be the post interesting for over 8500 people to read, editing and making them less about me and more generic as I went! I finally sent two posts off and waited.

A week passed, then two and nothing and after a chasing them and still nothing I began to doubt my writing, then wonder why I even tried in the first place and finally decide I would never do anything like that again.

This Sunday we were having a lazy morning when said local magazine came through the letter box. Scott brought it through and I started to flick through it. Suddenly I was in total shock and just started screaming “they published it, they published it!!” 

There on a full page spread was my little blog for over 8500 homes to read! 

I am thrilled! Ok they could have told me but I am so so happy they thought anyone would want to read it in the first place! 

Is this the start of new things? Who knows but it’s given me new found confidence that is for sure and I intend to put that into my blog as much as I have time to over the next few weeks and months.

The lesson here has to be never give up hope because one day you might just get what you wish for! 

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Why Pinterest style rooms don’t have to cost the earth 

So recently we decided it was time for a change in my daughter’s playroom. As she approaches her 8th birthday she is growing out of the Peppa Pig beauty station and Winnie the Pooh pictures so we wanted to design her a room that she could grow with over the next few years. 
Now I’m all for apps such as Pinterest when looking for inspiration it’s once you start to follow the links to purchase the items in the beautifully designed rooms that the cost can really start to spiral!

It’s for this reason I love to find ways to make a Pinterest style room without the designer price tag.

This was a plain mirror, purchased for under  £10 from The Range, which I added the pink flowers to, purchased from EBay for £3.99, to give it a girly feel without looking too young. Perfect for a girl to dress up infront of with her friends on a playdate.

This chalkboard started life as an unwanted print in an old frame. Some sanding and painting later and the pink chalk paint gives the perfect space to write notes with friends and makes for a cheap addition to the playroom that can be transformed easily to suit any age.
Plus there is some chalk paint left over so I plan to make chalk boards as gifts for birthday parties!

One inexpensive way to fill space in the corners of a room I have found is pom poms. These are made from tissue paper and come flat packed, easily available online at prices starting from £1.99 they can be fluffed out to create a cute but stylish decoration at a very low cost!

With just a few design hacks like these a room can be transformed easily to suit any age and on a budget!

Saving money while completing a room makeover = mum winning!