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Love on the rocks 

So today I found out about a challenge called love on the rocks, the idea is you decorate a rock and hide it somewhere for someone to find. 

Your rock can have any design you want on and I’ve seen them ranging from Batman to Minions, flowers to unicorns and love hearts! 

On the back you must write Love on the rocks keep or ‘re hide!

There is a local group on Facebook for love on the rocks on your area and the idea is you take a photo of your rocks before you hide them and say roughly what area of the town they are in. You also take a picture of any rocks you find and add that to the page so people know when their rocks have been found and rehidden!

So tonight we came home and painted 4 rocks then after dinner went out And found fun places to hide them!

T was so excited to do this and can’t wait to see if they get found tomorrow 😁

Here are our rocks.

Here are some of the other rocks hidden around my area. 
We plan to make and hide more rocks around our area and have Halloween ideas in mind along with lots more!

I’d love to see if anyone has done this in their local area!


2 thoughts on “Love on the rocks 

  1. What fun! I love the idea of hiding something random for people to find & hopefully love. I’ve seen initiatives where you knit scarves or hats to leave around, saying “If you need it, take it” and I love writing “Ninja Notes” – encouraging sayings on postcards which I leave in shopping trolleys, or in public places. When I do 40 Acts there is “Chocolate Tuesday” when you leave chocolate for people to find (though I’m not sure about whether I’d eat “found” chocolate. Maybe it’s better to give it to people!) and I have – when feeling a bit flush – put 5€ notes in envelopes, with “Let me help with your shopping bill” written onthe front, and left those in trolleys. I have to trust God that they go to the right person!

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