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40 Random Acts of Kindness continued!

So I wasn’t planning on writing this today but when we got an unexpected gift in the post I knew I had to post about it! So here goes, creeping up towards 30 days of random acts of kindness now!

24. Scott gave blood. Ok so I did sign up with him but there was only one appointment left the following day so I obviously let him go first! Yes I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to needles, They hurt and I usually end up almost passing out on most blood tests so the idea of giving blood as amazing as it is scares the life out of me because I just know I’m going to be the one person that faints! I’m still undecided on if I can do it or not yet but I was really proud of Scott for doing it. He is signed up now so will keep going regularly and even if I can’t get past my fear he has stepped up the Acts of Kindness by doing this one!

25. Surprise someone you haven’t seen in a while. Ok so it’s only been a few weeks since T saw her friends Chloe and Matthew but when we went for a playdate last week she suprised them with a little bundle of lollipops which they were really pleased with šŸ˜Š

26. Make activity packs for the children’s ward at your local hospital. This one really made me proud. T spent ages with me sorting through her vast collection of activity books, pens, stickers etc and ended up with 6 little piles of ready to donate to the poorly children in hospital. The hospital were so thankful for us thinking of them and T was so excited to gift these little bundles away it really was a lovely experience and one I would encourage anyone to do.

27. Give a compliment. So without thinking I do this several times a week anyway but this day just happened to be a girl at work who had her nails done in a pretty pale blue colour. I said they looked beautiful and someone else said they looked like unicorn poop so hey ho! šŸ˜‚ T also told me my beef casserole dinner was really lovely bless her.

28. Be encouraging. So we had a chat about this one before going to work and school and I was really pleased to hear that T had told a boy in her class ‘Well done, You did It’ after he progressed from coming last in the maths test yesterday to first today! I also tried to be extra encouraging at work, even though I’m more than frustrated with the place at the minute!

Acts of Kindness towards us this week;

So today we received the most lovely parcel. Inside was a beautiful drawing of a horse for T along with an inspiring card. She was so happy to receive it and can’t wait to put the picture in a frame in her playroom so thank you very very much Thefatdormouse šŸ˜Š you have not only made a little girl very happy but Scott and I were also thrilled you took the time to write such a lovely message and create a piece of art just for our little T! I was inspired by you to start the acts of kindness in the first place and so to receive one back was just lovely.

Keep giving everyone! You just might put a smile on someone’s face after a tough day. šŸ˜Š

Lou x


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