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7 things that made me happy week 14!

  Hi everyone, well it seems this week has flown by and it has been overall a great one with lots to feel happy about. Here are my 7 things that have made me happy this week; A great Saturday night spend at a friends house eating pizza while the kids played outside. This was… Continue reading 7 things that made me happy week 14!

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So many things seem temporary this week, nothing lasts forever. In some cases this is a good thing but sometimes you end up feeling cheated, like someone somewhere is laughing at your guilible mind. Things like, the overtime rate you were given years ago which apparently is now not in line with company policy, the… Continue reading Temporary

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7 things that made me happy week 13

1. New wellies day! During the winter I live in my wellies, to walk our dog in, to go to the stables to take T riding in, even just to do the school run in when it's rain and snow. My lovely wellies have been through a lot with me, and it showed! Over the… Continue reading 7 things that made me happy week 13

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What size is the right size for a child?

My little girl has always been slightly bigger than other children her age. She got a little tummy as a toddler and it's never really left her. Throughout her 8 years I have struggled at times to clothe her. Jeans don't fit and dresses have to be just the right cut or they accentuate her… Continue reading What size is the right size for a child?

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Training Update!

At the start of this month T and I decided to start a squat challenge. We started on 30 and have added one more every day since. It's been tough for me, T is a little trooper, but we are still going! 48 squats today and I'm feeling proud we have stuck at it! Scott… Continue reading Training Update!

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7 things that made me happy week 12

1. Cooking for my Nan. My Nan has lived on her own a long time and doesn't have anyone cook for her much so I was really pleased to be able to make dinner and get all tidied up without her having to do anything. Here is the chicken, garlic and thyme traybake I made… Continue reading 7 things that made me happy week 12

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Sunny Saturday

Today was our last day by the coast and the sun finally came out! It started off early as Scott ran the Clacton park run along the seafront. It's a run which is 3 laps up and down hills next to the beach and handily enough starts and finishes next to our favourite cafe! We… Continue reading Sunny Saturday

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Fun Friday!

So today I thought I would share what we have been doing the last few days during our week off together. Wednesday We had a friend of T's round all day in order to share the childcare costs between a friend and myself so we took the girls swimming and then to Mcds for lunch.… Continue reading Fun Friday!