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Holiday Recap-Nissi Beach Cyprus

Good afternoon my lovely followers!

I hope you are all well, I just wanted to give you a little recap on our holiday to Cyprus so you can see for yourselves what a wonderful holiday destination it is.

When we booked the holiday we didn’t know just how hot it was going to be, we got up to a toasty 34 degrees! As much as we love the heat we all had to take turns in having a day in the shade and T ended up swimming in a T shirt after the first day because it was just easier than plastering suncream on every 30 minutes.

We stayed in Nissi Beach which is a beautiful beach, the water was crystal clear and the sand was soft and clean. There were bars and restaurants all along the top which are very reasonably priced and we had ice creams and even cocktails, well it would be rude not to! 😁

There is a huge watersports platform on the beach with a variety of sports available, we decided before we went to try a jet ski and it was so much fun! They have a lot of power and really bounce off the waves but as scared as I thought I would be I really enjoyed it and am so pleased we did it!

Things to do
We were only a 10 minute taxi ride from Aiya Napa and costing only €8 we decided to visit for a morning to check it out. The harbour was dotted with small fishing boats and lined with bars looking out to sea. After walking through the hilly streets in blazing sunshine a cold drink and a fan was very much welcome!

We had photos with the legendary sign of course which was fun and then looked round the monestary which was so interesting! I plan to write a separate post about this because there is a lot to say!

There are a lot of boat trips on offer round the island but as my Nan doesn’t like boats we didn’t take up the offer for any of them but they all seemed very reasonable and there is even a Black Pearl pirate ship you can go on!

The majority of our time was spent in and around our pool which was the biggest swimming pool in Cyprus so it never seemed busy! T was the most confident she had ever been in the water this year and would happily spend 2 hours in the pool without getting out either snorkelling, jumping in or just swimming underwater. We also took part in aqua fitness several times during the week which was brilliant fun if not exhausting after 45 minutes! Scott played water polo a few times but the best time had to be when it was guests vs reps! It was brilliant fun to watch and hard not to cheer on your team.

I make it my mission to try as many different foods as possible when on holiday and this time there was a healthy eating reward lanyard for the children which was a great idea. There were 15 spaces to fill and for each new food they tried they got a sticker which finished with them being given a certificate on stage. T was so determined to finish this lanyard that she tried 15 new foods within 4 days! We tried a lot of local foods but she was so keen to finish this she even tried squid rings, a favourite of mine! (We may not have told her what it was until she finished eating it but she didn’t hate it!)

Collecting her healthy eating award
Very proud of that full lanyard!
Cypriot Koupes served at breakfast, like mini balls of sausage meat in a crispy coating!
Greek meze, this was course number 3!

Kids club
Now I see myself as a very involved parent but if your child wants to go to kids club what can you do! Having been last year and loving it she was so excited to go back knowing it would be the same format so she went along one morning, got the free t-shirt and water bottle and had lots of fun making crafts and playing games. Then she made a friend in a little girl called Kayla who was the same age, they became inseparable and so wanted to go to kids club together, what can you do! Cue another child free couple of hours having a lazy lunch and relaxing by the pool and once again a very happy girl when we picked her up! If you are happy with the kids club at your hotel and your child wants to go I say do it, they are usually very well run and it’s just another fun activity for them while on holiday.

It’s no secret my daughter loves to dance, the kids disco is up there with the pool as the best part of her holiday so she could not wait to get up and dance. The hotel we went to was great for providing interesting and fun shows for the kids to get involved in and the reps gave their all every time. Cue us coming back singing lots of very catchy yet annoying songs!

So to finish I would say that I would thoroughly recommend Cyprus as a destination to anyone old or young. There is so much we could have done but didn’t, a water park, tours round the island, boat trips, go crazy on a night out in Aiya Napa! It really is what you make of it, and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. The best holiday souvenirs are always the cheapest ones I find, we came home with some keyrings for our collections and little dish for the kitchen and a couple of pretty bracelets.

Now I just want to do it all again 😊☀️

Thanks for reading

Lou x

8 thoughts on “Holiday Recap-Nissi Beach Cyprus

    1. We all had a great time 1😊 I tried lots of new foods, a few Cypriot desserts which weren’t very nice! A version of Turkish delight but the Cypriot one, again interesting flavours! A mussle and some clams!


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