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How to get over your holiday blues!

We have all had it, the day, week or even month after returning from an amazing trip away can seem miserable! Your life back home is never as interesting as the people in the countries you have visited, you miss the food, sunshine, culture and lifestyle you had on holiday and it’s very easy to just be fed up!

It’s not been the easiest week at times but here are a few ways that by forcing myself to just get on with it I’ve got over my holiday blues!

1. Appreciate the small things.

While I was away a parcel came for me with some new workout clothes in, now I’ve not had new workout clothes for years and got these in a sale just before I went away. I’ve been toying with the idea of posting them or not but I’ve decided they made me super happy and excited to workout so I should share them with you guys so here goes!

2. Remember everyone else is feeling just as fed up as you!

If you have holiday blues chances are the rest of your family do too so try to forgive the little things and do things to make other people smile 😊

3. Support and encourage your family back into their routine.

If you don’t want to go to work and your children don’t want to go to school someone has to be the motivator and get everyone out of the door and happy, make it you!

Encourage them to have a good day and ask questions about it when they get home, plan fun things for the weekend so they have things to look forward to- last night T went to a friend’s from school and played in her pool and today she was invited to the cinema with another friend, lucky girl I know!

4. Treat yourself.

It doesn’t have to be anything huge but eating boring mundane meals right away after getting back from holiday will not be enjoyable! Try to mix it up with interesting food maybe even using some inspiration from your holiday! This way you will be more excited to start cooking again and will look forward to your mealtimes.

5. Make your home a nice place to be.

This week I finally got around to buying some plants for my garden and made some hanging baskets for the front of our house too. It may only seem like a small thing but it’s made me happy and I know as the flowers continue to grow it will just look better and better. This one has to be my favourite in our garden.

6. Be greatful for the big things too.

Last night Scott and I went to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley stadium! This has been planned for about a year but just happened to fall in this week, it was epic. I may have got a teeny bit stressed at the start and didn’t enjoy the 30 minute queue for a t-shirt but we had a brilliant time. 😊 Ed really is an amazing artist and hearing him live again I just felt privileged.

Jumping, dancing, singing and screaming our loudest for a couple of hours has taken its toll today and we are both shattered but it was worth every second.

Hearing our first dance song Thinking out loud sung live will always be emotional and it couldn’t have been a happier moment.

I hope these tips are helpful in getting you over your holiday blues!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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