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Weekly Favourites

Hi guys,

Time for my weekly roundup of all things favourite! I hope you enjoy reading and I’d love to hear some of your favourite things!

Food and drink

This week I tried a few new recipes all from The Body coach and really liked all of them! Here is a brocolli and goats cheese quiche I made Monday, it was so tasty and all three of us finished it off!

We also really enjoyed this prawn and chorizo stir fry, it was made with chili and a spicy sauce, even though there was only a teaspoon you could still feel the heat but it was just enough and not too hot.

This was a quick dessert one evening, natural yoghurt with fresh pineapple and fruit from our garden.

And tonight I made another body coach meal of meatballs with spinach and peas, sooo good!!


This week ive done a few different sessions which ive really enjoyed. This was a tough 1 minute on 30 seconds off for 15 minutes HIIT session

Scott and me also completed this on our day off which was tough but a great challenge. It was nice to use our kettlebells for something different and I enjoyed working out together.

This week me and T completed another run on Monday and I was so proud of her only stopping once during the whole first mile, a huge improvement from our first run 3 weeks ago.

I’m looking forward to a live workout on Instagram tomorrow morning with @movewithben_ it’s at 8am UK time so if you like a half hour challenge to start your day give it a go!

T Moments

This week was transition week so T found out her new teacher for next year at school and spent the week in her new class, she had a great week and this was her hair ready for the first day!

It was school disco night Thursday so after a quick change from her ballet uniform she was ready to party in the playground for an hour and a half πŸ˜„

Tonight she had a great riding lesson with some really strong cantering round the school then came home and spent an hour in the paddling pool 😁


It has been too hot to walk Poppy far this week but Wednesday night Scott ran a 5k race which was one in a series he is completing with his running club. It was at the country park near our house so we walked down there with his parents, who also came to watch. It was a beautiful sunny evening and he ran a great race finishing 20th out of several hundred runners with a personal best of 17.48. It wasn’t the furthest walk but I was really pleased for Scott and it was lovely being out in the sunshine watching him.

We will be back at the same place watching him run a 10k Sunday so fingers crossed he runs a good race!

Tonight I took Poppy over the meadow near our house, the sun was shining over the long grass and there was not a single soul around apart from me, it really was beautiful. I forgot to take my phone but brought these back so you can get an idea of what the fields look like, the smell of dry grass and the sound of crickets I can’t share but hopefully you can visualise it from these!

I hope you have all had a great week!

I’d love to hear any workout ideas or recipes I could try!

Lou x

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