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How to eat out healthily in Summer

As you might have seen I am currently on The Body coach- 90 day plan, which basically means I am eating well and exercising regularly for 90 days. The thing is with summer there is always some occasion, a BBQ, a picnic, a party and it can be hard to stay on track with your diet and fitness with all that temptation around you.

So here are a few tips I’ve learnt just over the last week or so for staying healthy over summer.

Plan your meals

It may sound boring but if you know you are going for a picnic plan in advance what you are going to take that can be healthy but tasty at the same time.

I’ve been on two picnics this week and both times knew exactly what I was making and also allowed myself a little treat in order to stay away from the unhealthy stuff.

Wednesday we went to the theatre and I made spinach and feta frittata to take with us followed by a portion of homemade trail mix.

The frittata was delicious and far too much for both of us and the dark chocolate, nuts and seeds combo gave us that sweetness after our meal and at just the right portion size was the perfect little treat.

Today we met our friends for a picnic and while others snacked on sausage rolls and chicken pasta I filled my plate up with this yummy black bean and chicken salad.

I was so full after I didn’t even have room for an ice cream!

Yesterday me and T were out all day at a choir workshop so I took myself along a protein yoghurt as my snack, even though I knew there would be lots of cakes and biscuits there. In the break I whipped it out and tucked in!

Drink plenty of water

Ita true what they say, a lot of the time we aren’t actually hungry but thirsty instead but most people, me included are not that good at taking on board the recommended between 2-4 litres of water a day.

Since I’ve been drinking more, I’m not snacking as much and find more often than not if I am hungry and it’s not time to eat yet I can fill myself up with water until my next meal time. Taking plenty of water on a trip out is essential, even to a party. Last night we went to a friend’s party and although I knew there would be drinks supplied I took my large water bottle in my bag just because I know how much T can drink when she’s hot.

With all the dancing we did it was gone before we went home and it stopped me snacking on bits I didn’t need.

Country dancing party!

Eat before you go

At the party last night I knew there would be food but it would be until late and it also wouldn’t be the sort of food I am trying to eat at the moment. This in mind I made us all dinner before we went.

It worked so well, whereas T would usually want lots from a buffet she hardly had anything and I held off for a long time before giving in to 2 small veggie samosas. (A world away from what usually would have been a full plate of buffet food.)

Don’t feel guilty

If you are going to someone’s house and they have a tonne of food prepped up you know is way off what want you want to eat don’t feel bad about not eating it!

They can more than likely put it in a tub for another day or eat it later.

Allow yourself some treats

After all life is for living and as long as you don’t go to overboard there is nothing to say you can’t make up for it the following day or week.

This week I have had 2 glasses of pimms and 2 glasses of cocktail mixture as mine and I really enjoyed them!

Enjoy your summer guys, make healthy choices where you can as this will help you achieve your goals.

The kids today at the picnic

Thanks for reading

Lou x

2 thoughts on “How to eat out healthily in Summer

  1. I think I might act on your water tip for hunger this week. There have been too many biscuits & cakes around our office lately. I burn off the calories running but I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish & lethargic of late. I’ve put my next marathon back a bit as a result. Meh to me 🙄

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