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The Bodycoach 90dayplan-End of Cycle 1!

Cycle 1 is done! So I’ve submitted my results for the end of cycle 1, 30 days down and 60 to go. I am super proud of how much I’ve achieved over the last 30days and am feeling so excited to push myself even further.

In total I have lost 10.5 inches and 3kg, something I never thought would have happened!

As a recap from someone that has never done anything like this before here are a few things I have never done before I started this plan:

  • Have never felt so tired after a work out and have never sweated so much.
  • Never looked forward to eating healthy food before!
  • Never not missed chocolate because I have a better substitute.
  • Never felt so motivated and determined to complete something.
  • Never felt so proud of how hard I’ve worked on my own fitness.
  • Never said no to unhealthy food on picnics, at bbqs, and at parties because I have a goal.

Things I’ve found hard

  • Not eating cake. I love cake and when other people are eating cake I want to eat cake. I’m not saying I wont ever eat cake again, just not while I’m on this plan, otherwise simply what is the point.✊🏼
  • Avoiding alcohol unless it’s an event. I’m not going to lie I like a glass of wine on a Wednesday, it’s the end of my working week and I quite often feel like I’ve earned it. But as it’s only me that drinks it that glass has to turn into a bottle even if it is over a couple of days and wine is full of empty calories! But I’ve learnt that it’s not just wine that you can treat yourself to, a trail mix with a cup of tea is my new favourite treat πŸ˜‚ And when all else fails a glass of pimms with diet lemonade!
  • Not sitting down before 9pm at night because I’m busy making food, clearing up from making food and writing shopping lists so I can make more food!
  • The fact that I might be working out or cooking when everyone else isn’t– I have to remember it’s me on the plan not them and I am doing this for my reasons. Sometimes they join in and sometimes they help cook and clear up but sometimes I do it by myself and this is ok because this was my choice!

Goals for cycle 2

  • To carry on getting stronger.
  • To master the lunge jump- this excercise still defeats me after about 15 seconds.
  • To up my weights every week.
  • To maintain 5 workouts a week, one long walk and one run as well as walk the dog a mile every day.
  • To keep my enthusiasm going for the meal prep- if I am willing to put the time in with prep I know I can keep this up and keep me and my family eating new, exciting and nutritious meals.
  • To show my little girl that being fit and healthy takes commitment and can be enjoyable, showing her a good example of how to see something through to the end.

Things I’ve suprised myself with

  • I now get excited about different things, instead of what wine I’m going to buy it’s what flavour protein shake I’m going to try, what new sportswear can I afford and what new drinks bottle I can use!
  • I can now do a chest to floor burpee successfully for 40 seconds!
  • For the first time ever I can do more than 10 press ups, properly!
  • I want to do these workouts and I want to succeed in this plan, my commitment has amazed me!

So here we go with cycle two, I’m ready for you Joe, let’s do this! πŸ’ͺπŸ˜„

Lou x

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