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Family Ties

They say you can’t chose your family but I believe your family can chose you.

People can make the decision whether they want to involve you in their lives or not.

If they want to be there they will.

No matter how busy people are with work or social lives if your Family want to know what is going on with your lives they should make the effort to keep in touch, right?

But then life gets in the way and relationships become one way, they get strained and people get hurt.

The easiest thing to do is to simply stop trying.

If you don’t try you can’t get hurt.

It’s then you can see how far down their priorities you really are, how low you are placed compared to others and how little they actually know about you.

Months pass and they miss out on one milestone after another, you start a hobby, make a new friend, set goals and accomplish them, all without them knowing.

Social media makes things worse, they don’t try because they don’t have to.

They believe they have a relationship with you because they like your posts.

Except online relationships aren’t really worth anything, they don’t share the laughter of good times and aren’t there for you when you cry.

Then comes the day you have to see them again and you have to try and pretend like they have been there all along, like their absence in your life doesn’t hurt in some small way and that ‘everything is fine’.

You know you will smile and the occasion will pass without argument simply because you do not want to make things difficult for those around you.

You wonder if things will be different from then on, as you do after every time you see them, they won’t.

No matter how you much you kid yourself you will never be where you want to be on some people’s priorities and the sooner you accept that and just enjoy the life you do have the less heartache you will suffer.

Family- it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

8 thoughts on “Family Ties

  1. I totally agree and well done on being so honest Lou. I think I know who you are writing about. You are a much loved young woman. Brave and talented. You just have to look at Scott & T to see how much you are loved. Focus on them, the people who deserve your love.

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  2. If I’ve learned anything the past couple of years, it would be that you can’t force people to be apart of your life, but you can keep reaching out to them to try to make a connection ❤ but the people who are there for you are the ones that truly matter

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