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My weekly favourites in food, fitness and family!

Hi guys!

This week has been tough with my first full week of weighted workouts but I’ve stuck with it and am even seeing progression already!✊🏼

Here’s how my week has been


These blueberry protein muffins are so good! Once serving is 2 muffins and I’ve had them for breakfasts and lunches this week.

This was a fish pie I made with cauliflower topping,delicious!
Prawn and brocolli linguine
Chicken and mushroom soup, I’ve made this again today it was so good and so simple! Plus it’s given me a new taste for coconut milk!
Cottage pie with sweet mash potato. I’ve always been lazy and bought pre made cottage pies but this was 7 servings so some went in the freezer and it went down a storm with some green veg.
Easy sausage stew with quinoa- certainly a different Sunday meal but a tasty one!
Turkey and sage burger, just, so, good.
Now I have to say these Thai salmon fishcakes tasted better than they looked! I clearly need to perfect the cooking temperature but the taste was still great and the sliced cucumber and mint was really refreshing alongside.


This being my first full week on weights it’s been tough. On The Body coach 90day plan you are given 5 workouts to chose from, this being cycle 2 they have progressed to 30 minutes long.

At the start of the week I really struggled with some of the exercises and even bruised myself twice! This didn’t deter me though and I pushed on using sweat bands and my new toys..

Who ever knew I would need weight gloves?! When you are throwing weights around all over the place and changing from one move to the next in quick succession though it can really start to hurt your hands and things have been so much better since getting these.

I can’t honestly tell you the difference in my attitude to workouts from a few months ago. This week I got up not once but twice half an hour early just to workout before getting ready for work then walking the dog 1.2 miles and finally collapsing in a heap at my desk! 😅

I feel like morning workouts give you a real boost and although I seem to ache all day after I am so proud I did it, that just gets me through the day.

Don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place, some days it’s nice to relax in bed with a coffee, the dog on my feet and T in between us chatting about some nonsense or another, not to mention rest days are my lifeline at the moment!

But I am giving this plan my all and still really pushing myself, I was so proud I managed to do 5 rounds of a renegade row using 2x 5kg dumbbells not resting on my knees but with both hands on the floor infront of me and up on my feet! I was so chuffed I managed this 😁

Me and T have also still been training for our 3k fun run in October and have been running twice this last week with today being our fastest mile yet! I am so proud of her commitment to this at just 8 years old.


Last weekend we went to see Tim Peakes spacecraft at the cathedral. To celebrate our cathedral being 900 years old this year they won the chance to exhibit the space craft he came back to earth in. It’s a great exhibition for free and we found it so interesting.

Last week was Scott and Tiana day. They have one of these every so often when I have appointments or am busy doing boring stuff so they get to spend some quality time together without me which is really nice for them. This time they used EVERY single cushion in our house to build a fort which they then sat and watched a film in!

Friday night We had Lexi-May to stay and she came to watch T ride, I was so pleased T had a really great lesson with her little bestie watching.

This weekend I’m really looking forward to my cousins 21st party, all my family are going and with it being a black tie ball we really have to dress up!

I’d love to hear what you are doing this weekend!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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