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Adult Braces- finally some progress!

It’s been a bit quiet on the braces front the last couple of months but I’ve been plugging away every day quietly just getting on with it all!

Today was my 8 week check and the orthodontist couldn’t have been happier with my teeth! She could tell id been wearing my bands all the time and was so pleased with how much my teeth had moved!

Now I’ve only got to wear one band in the right hand side of my mouth and the left one just overnight.

She’s now put some clear chains on both sides to close the gaps that are left from my extractions.

It will be 2 years this Christmas so have been wearing braces and I’m so hopeful with how happy she was today that it might not be that long after that I can finally get them off again!

The confidence this has given me in my smile has been amazing and worth every ache and pain. The nights of shoving wax in my mouth to stop the metal from rubbing my cheeks raw and taking these little rubber bands out every single time you eat or clean your teeth are hopefully going to be over soon and I am so happy! 😁

Happy Friday everyone



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