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Food, Family and Fitness, My weekly favourites!

Hi guys how has your week been? Mine has been great, I’ve had some great meals, some good family time and am feeling stronger than ever with my fitness.

Here is a snapshot of my favourites!


This week I’ve been trying our different protein flavoured protein powders and this so far is my favourite, banana! Mixed here with yoghurt and topped with strawberries it was so good! A close second has to be blueberry cheesecake and raspberry and vanilla a close 3rd!
This was my chicken chipotle salad I made double so I could take one with me to Burghley horse trials as a pack up and it was honestly so tasty I was so happy we had our own food rather than paying crazy prices for lunch at cramped tables in the over crowded food alley.
This was my dessert at Burghley, chocolate protein yoghurt and fruit. No room for ice cream after eating this! 😄
Mac N Cheese with chicken, asparagus tips and peas. So easy to make and a really warming and comforting meal.
Now this was date night 😂 We both worked out separately, had a healthy dinner then after chilling out for a little bit we decided to go for a trip to buy ourselves a treat…. protein filled snacks! 😂 No chocolate, no alcohol, nothing crazy, just me, my husband and our dog eating protein cookies with a cup of tea= perfect!
I was so happy this delivery arrived this week! I’ve waited for months for this range to become available and it’s been available a month before I could buy it, it was worth the wait! The chopping board with detachable section is the best invention ever, it saves me carrying my huge wooden chopping board across the kitchen and trying unsuccessfully to push all the food from it into a saucepan, usually some ends up on the floor, so yes I’m happy with it!


I’ve been on The Body coach 90day plan for over 6 weeks now, which means I’m half way through! It’s been tough motivating myself at times this week as I’ve had to incorporate 2 morning workouts into my routine. Morning workouts are not my favourite. Well if I have nowhere to go and can chill out after, take my time getting ready before taking on my day then yes I’m a morning workout person.

Before the school run and before work? It’s just not the same.

BUT, I’ve made myself do it. I’ve decided that for the good of my family, it’s not fair to have T wait around for me to get ready, do a 30 minute workout, prep dinner then make dinner all after getting home at 5.30, I have to workout Monday and Tuesday morning.

This way I can get in from work and just feed everyone without my routine getting in their way.

I have a feeling that the slightly colder mornings aren’t helping with my motivation but I never feel rubbish once I’ve done it and usually only for the first 2 or 3 minutes am I slow and sluggish then I wake up and smash it!

I’ve still been pushing myself with 7kg dumbbells and have been just trying to get through the sets on some of the workouts but on others trying to increase my reps.

This was a tough one from my workout yesterday, it’s called the Arnold press and by set 5 it’s horrid!😅

Somebody- not me- doing the arnold press!


During August me and T took a running challenge to run at least 5 miles, we completed it and here she is with her medal and certificate! She was so proud of her first ever medal.😁

This was the first time I had ever seen T jumping in her riding lesson and I was so proud with how brave she was! Yes she has a lot to learn but she is ready to go and wants to try and get better. She has certainly come a long way from the days of getting upset because she didn’t want to do something.

Here is T when Emma came to pick her up and take her out for a hot chocolate, which turned into a hot chocolate, an ice cream, a round of mini golf and a trip to Claires accessories! Godmothers! 😂

This is my favourite photo of us from Burghley horse trials and a photo of T’s new pom hat silk!

A little selfie on the way to her first day at school,

And her after her tooth fell out on the first day back! 🤣

Finally here is one of our new morning routine, now I can see T’s classroom from the gates I can take Poppy with me to drop her at school as I watch her through the gate into the door. She loved taking Poppy on the school run with us 😊

I hope you have had a great week, I’d love to hear how you manage to stay fit and healthy around your family routine!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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