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Welcome to Friday! Part 5

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a great week, I'm so ready for December to get here I feel like this week has just passed in a blur again! But, I'm more on top of my Christmas prep than I was, we have our trees up 😁 and I've done some more Christmas… Continue reading Welcome to Friday! Part 5

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Bye bye November

Well it's been one busy month and I have to say I'm happy to see the back of it! Yes my birthday was great and I've had some fun times but it's been a tough one for working lots of hours which I have to say I'm bloody glad is over! I want my Thursdays… Continue reading Bye bye November

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Welcome to Friday pt 4!

Hi guys! I hope you've all had a great week! Mine has been so full on and work has literally been all encompassing so I'm seriously celebrating the little wins this week as I'm amazed I've remembered anything else! Here are my little wins! Ireland played a great game of rugby and I loved watching… Continue reading Welcome to Friday pt 4!

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A week of new starts!

This has been one full on week! As well as the usual Mum life, workouts, dog walking and general adulting I've managed to bag myself a new job! I've been looking after a team at work for the last week and was offered the job full time. I'm a staff trainer and have been for… Continue reading A week of new starts!

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Welcome to Friday part 3!

Hi everyone, I hope you've all had a great week! It's time to celebrate those little wins again, the things that might seem small to everyone else but made a big difference to you this week. Here are mine for this week! Getting a new kettle and toaster! You don't know how much you rely… Continue reading Welcome to Friday part 3!

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Wish that I took more photographs of us

This week Professor Green released his new single Photographs. I've always loved his raw and emotional lyrics and this song in particular has really hit home. It's about family we don't have here any more, his father died a few years ago and he has always struggled to come to terms with his death. For… Continue reading Wish that I took more photographs of us

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Welcome to Friday! Part 2!

We made it! That has been one helluva long week! 😄 Time to celebrate the little wins, those small things that make all the difference and sometimes make us do a little fist pump inside 😁 This week I've been absolutely shattered as I've worked a lot more hours than normal so just making it… Continue reading Welcome to Friday! Part 2!

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New fitness goals set!

I love this time of year, Christmas shopping, Christmas Costa, cakes, cookies, meeting up with friends, and cosy evenings in by the fire eating comfort food and watching movies. All of this could undo everything I've worked so hard to build the last 4 months. That said it's time for some new goals, 1 month… Continue reading New fitness goals set!