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New fitness goals set!

I love this time of year, Christmas shopping, Christmas Costa, cakes, cookies, meeting up with friends, and cosy evenings in by the fire eating comfort food and watching movies.

All of this could undo everything I’ve worked so hard to build the last 4 months. That said it’s time for some new goals, 1 month post plan and I need to keep myself accountable and keep this momentum going at this most tempting time of year!

My goals for November and December are:

1. Maintain 4/5 workouts a week- it may be cold and it may be dark in the morning but laying in bed will get me nowhere!

2. Keep prepping- even with the busiest time of the year coming up I know if I don’t make time to prep my meals I won’t eat well and will end up regretting it.

3. Keep pushing at 9.5kg weights and don’t move up until I’m happy I have good form on all my exercises.

4. Enjoy the festive season but don’t go crazy on junk food- December is usually the month I eat everything in sight with the excuse ‘it’s Christmas’ then regret it in January when I’m the heaviest I have been all year! Not this year, not going to happen!

5. Keep taking one long walk a week- it’s going to get colder but I know once I’m out there I will enjoy it and so will the dog!

I’d love to hear how you are planning to stay fit over the festive season!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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