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Welcome to Friday! Part 2!

We made it! That has been one helluva long week! πŸ˜„ Time to celebrate the little wins, those small things that make all the difference and sometimes make us do a little fist pump inside 😁

This week I’ve been absolutely shattered as I’ve worked a lot more hours than normal so just making it to the end of the day without forgetting something has seemed like a win but here are my wins for the week

Feeling pumped about my fitness and spreading some motivational goodness throughout my social media- this week I just felt awesome about what I have achieved the last few months and so shared this to inspire others to get out there and get moving!

The reasons I started really commiting to my fitness earlier this year were because I wanted to feel stronger, fitter and more confident about my body. I also wanted to feel like I had really achieved something. I pushed myself to work out 5 days a week every week while I was on the 90dayplan and since I graduated a month ago I’m still doing between 4 and 5 every single week. Just because I’ve graduated it doesn’t mean I’ve achieved my goals, for me I’m only just beginning! 😁 Not only do I want to maintain my new shape but I want to get stronger and fitter still! Fitness has given me a confidence I’ve never had before and I hobby I love.

Cooking healthy homemade meals 6 out of the last 7 days– my family love it, I love it It’s fair to say I’m hooked on cooking πŸ˜‚

Beef nachos
Apple and cinnamon breakfast bars

Chicken soup

Somehow dragging myself out of bed 4 mornings in a row to complete my workout- yes I love working out but I also love my bed and it is sooooo dark in the mornings now! I honestly force myself to get up and probably mid way through my workout I start to feel blooming proud that I’m up and getting fitter at 6.30am!

My workout buddy this morning and every morning, we have an unspoken rule, she lays and watches and when I sit on the floor for longer than 20 seconds I must have finished so she comes over and gives me a lick which means she wants breakfast πŸ˜„

Not having a complete breakdown when T went flying off her horse when it was cantering round the school and only coming to a stop after completing a forward roll!

This is my girl, she loves horses, and she loves riding, I just have to suck it up and be a strong Mumma every time she falls off or she would never get back on! Thankfully she’s fine and will get right back to it next time.

Tell me your little wins this week!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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