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Wish that I took more photographs of us

This week Professor Green released his new single Photographs. I’ve always loved his raw and emotional lyrics and this song in particular has really hit home.

It’s about family we don’t have here any more, his father died a few years ago and he has always struggled to come to terms with his death.

For the video he asked fans to share photos of family members they wish they took more photographs of on social media and he would include them in the video.

He has encouraged people to open up and talk about the grief they are suffering or the people they miss and the hastag #wishitookmorephotographsofus has really gone viral.

I shared a photo of my grandad who I stopped seeing around the age of 16 because I stopped contact with my birth father. I loved my Grandma and Grandad but they never tried to contact me and I never saw them again. They both died within a short time of each other about 10 years ago.

This is my Grandad and me outside their house.

It’s one of the few photographs I do have of him. I hope he knew it wasn’t him I was mad at and he wasn’t the reason I never went back. I don’t hold it against him for not trying to contact me, their generation didn’t use social media and wouldn’t have known how to look for me. I don’t ever remember them having a car either.

Last night I watched Ireland play rugby and was proud of my Irish roots.

I will always remember my Grandad and just Wish that I took more photographs of us.

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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