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‘Life has it’s ups and downs’

No one is a superhero all of the time.

Sometimes we all just need to vent those frustrations, the anxiety that builds inside us about lots of different things can consume you if you let it. Then by the time that one thing tips you over the edge you can’t take it any more and it all comes tumbling out.

Why do we still live in a world where having anxiety about things is considered worrying for no reason?

Some people’s brains are just busier than others, thoughts, conversations, actions, will stay there for days or weeks and the actions of others can have a deep impact for a long time. Over sensitive? Maybe.

No one wants to be wrapped up in bubble wrap but no one likes to be treated in a way that upsets them by friends, family or work colleagues.

People that are people pleasers will always get hurt and strong personalities will occasionally clash it’s just how you deal with the fall out that matters. Pushing it to the back of your brain with the hundred other things that bothered you will not fix it and will only serve to contribute towards your minor breakdown when the doors are closed and you can’t take it any more.

Talking will help but sometimes you will be left feeling so fragile and emotionally charged you need to be alone to recover from the exhaustion of it all.

‘Life has it’s ups and downs’ no one is 100% superhero.

Thanks for reading

Lou x

11 thoughts on “‘Life has it’s ups and downs’

  1. So yesterday was eventful but actually not as bad as I thought 😊 Today was nice, had a small bit of time to myself which was a treat as I’ve been working non stop lately. How are you? Still meh?


    1. Thank you 😊 Its a real push telling myself every day, I can do this, but I’m hoping after time it will get easier. At least you have your weekend with your lovely little family to try and forget about work for a bit.


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