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Welcome to Friday pt 4!

Hi guys!

I hope you’ve all had a great week! Mine has been so full on and work has literally been all encompassing so I’m seriously celebrating the little wins this week as I’m amazed I’ve remembered anything else!

Here are my little wins!

Ireland played a great game of rugby and I loved watching them with Scott. He’s always joking saying I’m only Irish when the rugby comes on but I’m proud of my Irish roots and always will be 🍀😁

Sunday night everything got to me and I had a mini meltdown. Monday morning I was back in the game and as well as smashing a workout I knocked up these delicious chicken salads for me and Scott.

This week we received our t-shirts for Anna’s Hope and T received a certificate for raising the money we did in the fun run 😊 It made us feel so proud and we love our new shirts.

Discovering you can make cinammon protein powder into a hot chocolate! Talk about Christmas in a mug 😍

T went back to riding and had a really great lesson after a nasty fall two weeks ago and christened her new body protector with a very small plop onto the floor in the last 10 minutes! She said she did it to test the body protector 🤣 and she was fine, she knew I was proud of how determined she was.

Having the most stressful week at work I’ve had in a very long time and still commiting to 5 workouts! This week it has been a combination of HIIT and weighted exercises and I never feel more pumped than when I’ve just done a workout.

Chilling out with my Yankee candle burner with my Christmas cookie melt, relaxing, calming and smells amazing! There is something so calming about low lighting and candles that just means Winter to me. The one last thing I’m really looking forward to is lighting our fire for the first time this Winter.

Well that’s my wins for the week! I love looking back and realising just how much I’ve accomplished in a week, I’d love to hear your little wins!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Friday pt 4!

  1. Very tough. He started for the 1st XV against RBAI, biggest boys school in the country. They lost but he played the full match against a very good team. He held his own and fought hard. His tackling is really improving and the coach was really pleased with his rucking and open play. Always proud of him.

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