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Welcome to Friday! Part 5

Hi everyone!

I hope you have all had a great week, I’m so ready for December to get here I feel like this week has just passed in a blur again! But, I’m more on top of my Christmas prep than I was, we have our trees up 😁 and I’ve done some more Christmas shopping so it’s not all bad!

So here are my little wins for the week!

Taking T out with her friend for an impromtu reinactment of a photo taken exactly 1 year ago. Too cute.

Getting another kids workout under our belts this Tuesday! It’s not always easy to motivate T, or me, after a day at work/school, but if we get in and get on with it while something easy cooks in the oven we can usually get it done. Lots of praise and we finished with smiles!

Having this sweet little decoration brought home this week. T was picking it up on the day she was going to her Dads so I said she could just take it there instead so it didn’t get crushed in her bag but she carefully brought it back and popped in home the next morning on her way to school! Such a lovely surprise to have her knock on the door at 8am and say she wanted to keep it at home πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„

Getting my Just Strong order, finally! I love my new gym gear, it is so comfy and I love what it stands for. Strong women, woohoo! 😁

We put our trees up! It’s been a tough week, Scott has been really poorly and for someone who is never poorly it’s awful seeing him off work for 4 days and completely struggling. I’m really hoping he will turn a corner soon, that said he did not pass up the opportunity to help T put her tree up while I cooked dinner 😊 They did a great job and T helped me with our tree after. I did actually get a little emotional that this year T could reach to put her own Angel on the tree! Where is my little girl going?! πŸ˜₯

Cooking healthy meals my whole family will eat. I think because I started T on many different foods from when she was little and kept doing so she has always just eaten a wide variety of foods. She loves trying new things and loves having the same meal as me and Scott. This was turkey stuffed peppers spiced with cumin. T cleared the plate and thought it was funny how the peppers were used as bowls😊

Now this weekend will bring hopefully a more well Scott, and a fun evening at my works Christmas party!

How did you win this week? 😁✊🏼

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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