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Coffee date

Since I’ve not written much about myself lately I thought I would catch you up on what has been going on with me.

December seems to be flying past with my new job I am ever busy and working hard, although recently me and Scott have had a bit more time together which has been nice before his longer hours start in the run up to Christmas.

It has also been a busy month for choir, we have sung at a local shopping centre to raise money for charity and are also singing at a hospice later this week. It’s been lovely singing Christmas songs all the time but our last practise before Xmas last night was also fun when we did requests!

I’m still determined to eat as healthily as possible even with the time of year and have been cooking up some really nice meals lately. Yes there have been more meals out and treats but I’m allowing myself that because it is December and I am still working out 4/5 times a week.

My fitness I have been really pleased with, it’s been 2 months since I graduated The 90 day plan and I have only gained 1 inch on my hips and have lost inches on my legs and gained inches on my arms! I’m still really pushing myself because I know I’m eating treats so want to feel like I’ve earned them.

I’ve had some anxiety this month over Christmas, it’s the pressure that everything has to be perfect that I think is what gets to me. I almost had a meltdown over buffet food the other day before Scott brought be back to planet earth. Family arrangements also stress me out a lot of the time, the awkwardness of seeing some you haven’t seen for a long time and buying presents for people you don’t really know very well. Then there’s the last minute present buyers who drop you a text to say they are coming by with your present, we were doing presents?!

Overall I’m doing good, we have one more day of school, one day in the office and one working from home and then it’s Christmas.

How’s December been for you?

Thanks for reading

Lou x

One thought on “Coffee date

  1. Delicious food mmm 😍 I also loved to sing with my choir during the Christmas months. I agree with having anxiety with Christmas because it can be stressful with preparing food, buying presents and seeing your family

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