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2018- The Year I Started to Focus More on Myself

It’s hard to believe the year is drawing to a close already, soon it will be a New Year and a my baby girl will be 9. You may have discovered from reading my blog that my my family are my world. Ever since those big eyes looked up at me on 2nd January 2010 I have been hooked on doing whatever makes my little person happy. It was the same from the minute me and Scott said those three little words, I knew I wanted my life to include him in every way possible. Not to forget the minute we chose Poppy our cockapoo, we had our hearts stolen by that adorable little puppy and they still are today.

But at the start of this year I was a little lost. I had nothing to focus on for myself, nothing to say yes, that’s my hobby, that’s what I do. I went through a low few weeks and retreated into my shell. I was unhappy at work and outside of work felt like everyone had something going on apart from me.

For me two things happened, firstly I decided to push myself to get fitter, I took my little T along for the ride and we worked out together. We commited to making her feel happier with her fitness and her shape and as a result of this 2018 has seen my fitness levels soar from not exercising at all to 4 or 5 workouts a week every week. My diet has changed for the better and I’m now totally educated on what I should eat and when. Having this knowledge has driven me to continue to boost my fitness levels and knowing I get stronger with each workout gives me a love for fitness I have never had before and I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved! I couldn’t have done this without the 90 day plan and now 2 months on from graduating I can’t wait to plan my goals for 2019, something I would never have said this time last year!

My other love has come from singing. Back in March I joined a choir and I love it. This time last year I would have laughed if you said I would perform in the middle of town to hundreds of people, at a Christmas lights switch on, at a busy shopping centre, a charity ball and various other events throughout the year! When I’m singing I just feel happy and Scott always says he loves how happy I am when I come home from choir. When it is dark and cold outside, I’ve had a tough day or am just really tired he will still always encourage me to go because he knows I will love it when I get there.

If you asked me to sum up this year for me I would say it’s been awesome. I’ve found what I really like doing and have managed to fit it in around the two most important people in my life. They are my biggest fans and I don’t tell them enough just how grateful I am for their support but I’ve honestly never gone into a new year feeling as fulfilled as I do now.

I am proof, you can have interests and be a Mummy, Wife, employee and dog owner aswell as still finding time for those few good friends!

Get out there and smash 2019 everyone, you owe it to yourselves!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

7 thoughts on “2018- The Year I Started to Focus More on Myself

  1. I remember how hesitant you were about joining the choir – well done for making that first effort and for sticking to it. It has obviously done you the world of good. I need to try to focus on my fitness this year, but find it SO hard to get motivated or to know what to do. The closest I’ve got is buying myself a (cheap) pedometer. I haven’t actually got around to actually wearing it yet!

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    1. Thank you, I was so nervous and still do get anxious about going sometimes when there is a new song or I don’t feel confident in what we are doing. It’s only a temporary feeling though and I have to remind myself that the good feelings out way the bad. A pedometer is a great step forward- see what I did there! (Groan) seriously, all you need is a little goal to aim for and you can progress from there.


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