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Being outside of your comfort zone

Every day we all have to do things that take us outside of our comfort zone, whether it’s present in a meeting full of people who could potentially decide if you stay in your job role or something much more mundane like pull out of a busy junction at rush hour. The fact is no one likes being outside of their comfort zone, the fear of the unknown is often much worse but that never seems to make it easier.

I can be an anxious person. When plans change, or are suddenly made I panic and suddenly think of 100 different reasons why things should have remained the same. Yet in a situation where I have to manage and have to cope I can do.

Being thrown outside of our comfort zone can happen anywhere at any time. There is no way to stop it and nothing we can do when it happens apart from ride it out and deal with it the best way we can.

It’s strange how being thrown outside of your comfort zone can provoke such a change in attitude and bring up walls in an instant, like an inbuilt defence mechanism willing you to survive this situation you have found yourself in.

Don’t get me wrong, me and no one I know has ever been lost in the wild suddenly having to fend for ourselves but situations we are placed in can still have a lasting impact.

We are born with the instinct to protect our children but we won’t be with them forever and it’s skills like how to deal with sudden difficult situations I am determined to pass on to T. But, however much I try I will never be able to protect her from ever going outside of her comfort zone, her happy place where everything is routine, And I wouldn’t want to. How will she ever go for a job interview or learn to drive if she doesn’t push herself. But, I just hope as she gets older she learns to cope, learns to manage the awkwardness of a first meeting with a business associate, speak to a room full of people she doesn’t know, pull of out that busy side road and deal with that difficult moment when everyone is talking and you just remain silent because you don’t fit in to the conversation.

Adulting- it never gets easier.

4 thoughts on “Being outside of your comfort zone

  1. I can understand and feel you so much. I don’t like to go outside my comforzone because I fear the unknown. Also it comes with a lot of anxiety. I know that going pushing yourself there can make also beautiful changes but it takes a lot of courage and it’s hard. Being an adult is really hard. They expect that you know how to do everything when you don’t. We are all just trying our best in life. Every day we learn. You are awesome 💕 Keep being you and keep going.

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