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Making Choices

Today’s post is about the choices we all make every day. We choose to get up in the morning and choose to go to a job we may or may not love. We choose to leave our house tidy or in a mess, we choose to clear up after our dog and we choose to be a good example to others at work and outside of work.

We are making choices all day every day yet and sometimes we get to make choices that are for no one else but us. The hobbies we choose, the lifestyle we choose to live, the friends we hold dear are all choices.

The reasons behind our choices are sometimes fleeting, I choose this sandwich because it looks tastier than that one, but others have more weight to them. No one should be judged for the choices they make unless we can understand the reasons behind them.

Who are we to pass judgment on others who are just living their life and enjoying what they do? If their choices are not affecting anyone else then why not support them?

Sometimes the choices people make can be made with one person in mind, themselves. This can be hard for others to accept when the same choices get made again and again, showing little care or consideration for others.

But if people are simply making choices that make them happy why not show them some love! I think we are all guilty of being a little selfish at times but the world needs more encouraging people to lift others up and spur them on to keep going!

If you don’t ever ask how someone’s day is how will you know how they are really feeling?

Just because people smile on the outside it doesn’t mean they are smiling on the inside.

Make a choice to make one person feel good about something they have done today and I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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