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Food, family and fitness Friday!

Hey everyone,

This week has had its ups and downs, work stresses plus people that don’t think before they speak has meant I’ve been pretty preoccupied a lot of the time. That said I’ve still managed week 2 on the Graduate Plan, trying lots of new food and completing all my workouts!

Here is my week


This was an early morning kettlebell workout from the Grad Plan. It was tough but I’m getting to really like this session.

I started the day with a Malteaser smoothie then had spicy beef soup for lunch followed by smokey pulled chicken burger, so good!


Another early morning session but this time a dumbbell workout with a press up pyramid finisher, oh my arms! 😂 Then in the evening I like to encourage T to workout so she did a 20 minute dance workout while I did 20 minutes of abs!

I started the day with these very berry oats, had granola for lunch and spicy chicken arribiata for dinner.


I needed a rest by Weds so I worked out in the evening and by that time really felt like I was ready to give it some! I was actually so happy as I managed to stay ahead of the Bodycoach in all 3 rounds of this workout! Amazing when this is only the 3rd time I’ve done it and I really hurt myself the first time I did it 😂

Breakfast was more very berry oats followed by chargrilled chicken and kale salad, still not sure how I feel about raw kale, and a CYO chicken and sweet potato fries dinner.


Rest day, Scott and I had lunch at the school as it was Ts class lunch, it was so tasty and I even treated myself to a chocolate brownie! 😊

Dinner was spicy chicken pieces and veg, the joys of batch cooking meant I just reheated this meal and had time to make a slow cooked beef curry with some left over beef. It smelt so good and I can’t wait to eat it next week!


After a full on day of work I said goodbye to T and smashed workout 1 of the Grad Plan. I always feel good about my workout on a Friday, something about it just makes me feel like I’m leaving the week on a high!

Breakfast was hazelnut and chocolate granola, lunch was more spicy beef soup and dinner was this lush sundried tomato risotto.

Tomorrow I have banoffee pancakes to look forward to after my morning workout so definitely a reason to get up and smash it 😁

Scott is on a late shift tomorrow as well which is rubbish for me but good for him as he can do the park run.

T got her uniform for musical theatre this week, she has been doing it since September but has her first exam in a couple of weeks so needed to get the kit. She was so happy.

And Poppy has had more baths this week than I can count with the wet weather meaning she is mostly covered in mud! This is her tucked up for bed, I know I’m too soft 😁

I hope you have all had a great week and I’d love to hear what you have been up to!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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