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Food, family and fitness update!

Hi guys,

This week will be a bit different as I’m away visiting my Nan in Essex so don’t have time for a detailed blog 😊

I’m just going to share with you some highlights from my week:

  • Completing cycle 4 of the Grad Plan- in 4 weeks I lost 2lbs and 4.5 inches and am feeling stronger than ever! So chuffed with this progress 🏋️‍♀️😁
  • Week one on cycle 5 has been tough but good! The workouts are of course harder but I am loving the challenge!
  • New recipes are fab! Having more choice to create my weekly menu from is brill but as always in the first week I am using up a few meals from the last cycle.
  • T had her musical theatre exam and was so pleased with how it went 😁 Proud Mumma.
  • Scott ran 20 miles last weekend, just for fun! 😅 Crazy man.
  • A review meeting at work went really well, the trip to Oxford and back in a day meant over 5 hours in the car but it went well and I think I’m still surviving in this job role, just! Having chicken curry cooked for me for when I got in was the best, thank you husband 😘
  • Valentines was perfect, I was lucky enough to get a huge box of Yankee candles and some roses and I got Scott some chocolates and T some love hearts.

Now for some of my favourite pictures of the week:

Have a great weekend all!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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