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Food, family and fitness!

Hey all! This week has been a great one for keeping on track with my food and fitness goals 😁

It has been one of those weeks where everything has just ticked along nicely, almost the calm before the storm as 3 weeks where I have day meetings away and managing my team from a car begins!

Here is my favourite food from this week!

Chocolate and banana proats!
A quick snack bowl
Coconut and chia porridge with raspberries and almonds!
Chili pork on rice noodles, me and T loved this meal and it was nice to try rice noodles as something different.
Chicken, feta and avocado salad!
Home made chicken Kiev, This was so much nicer than the shop bought version and I will be making again for sure!


In fitness me and T had a great little workout Tues evening, yes we workout separately but we encourage each other and always feel really great afterwards. I love showing her that fitness doesn’t have to be boring or take ages and that it can be anything from dancing to running or a nice long walk!

This was us 1 year ago, I’m so proud she still loves to workout with me 😊

I’ve just started a challenge called #movebetterinmarch which is run by @movewithben_ it’s committing to moving well 10 minutes every day in March. This could be stretching, yoga, meditation or just being present in your own body for 10 minutes.

I’m great at walking, working out and looking after my family but Ibdont spend a lot of time just relaxing, well not without my phone anyway! For this reason I’m so up for this challenge and am really committed to just giving myself 10 good minutes each day.

Yesterday I started by stretching while reading some of my book, multitasking at its best! πŸ˜„

And today me and T did a ‘ Peace out’, a short relaxation video from YouTube that they some times use in her school. Why not join in and commit to moving better each day in March 😊


T had great news this week that she has got a distinction in her first musical theatre exam! That coupled with a fantastic parents evening meant it was time to go out for some dinner Thursday 😊

Scott is running the Cambridge half marathon tomorrow in what looks to be heavy rain! Here’s to him hopefully finishing in a good time so at least it was worth it πŸ˜„

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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