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Food, fitness and family!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had a really great week! Mine has had its moments but I’ve remained focused and positive and managed to not have a complete meltdown, so far anyway 😄

I’ve completed week 2 of the final 4 week cycle of the Graduate Plan and the workouts have been great. Don’t get me wrong as I write this I can hardly move and ache all over but hey I can’t complain 😄

The final workout which is the one I completed this morning, workout 12, is a beast. It finishes with 8 minutes of 20 seconds of burpees, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds of mountain climbers, 10 seconds rest and so on.

Let me tell you 8 minutes is a long time 😄

Especially when the workout I did last night, workout 11, has a whole set of 1 minute on, 15 seconds off so I was still aching from that! 1 minute, has Joe Wicks completely mad 😂😂 Ok maybe not but that is also one tough cookie to crack. Which is why I love the end of the week, even if I’ve had a crappy couple of days, to end the week smashing out two really good workouts just makes you feel amazing.

This week my crap consisted of arguing with T’s Dad over visiting days/times, having a really poor experience visiting T’s school for lunch, so bad I felt the need to email the headmaster, breaking the clothes airer and being bombarded with emails on my day off!

Safe to say I was not the same Lou Thursday evening that Scott had left half a day earlier!

But I worked on my emails in the evening just to get myself straight, I spoke to a couple of people about the fall out and realised I hadn’t done anything wrong, Scott fixed the airer and I’m getting a detailed reply from the head on Monday!

Life throws stuff at you sometimes that you just have to deal with, T was home at the time I was arguing over text with her Dad but had no idea anything was even going on, I didn’t stress or lose it until she had gone to bed and even then I only sat down with my laptop and started working. I didn’t want my stresses to affect her and it didn’t. Even after spending the day in the office yesterday with no lunch break and leaving half an hour late I still picked her up with a smile and took her to her best riding lesson in a long time. Her first hack of 2019 and it was a great one. Here she is with her favourite pony Nemo.

Through the week I’ve remained commited to cooking new recipes from the plan and we have tried some really nice ones, here are a few of the best.

Turkey tray bake
Turkey tacos
Miso steak with spicy broccoli
Spicy chicken with roasted veg and couscous
Chicken and spinach lasagne

This week I was also excited to receive two new flavours of protein powder, cinnamon Danish and mint chocolate 😋 The mint chocolate one is to die for!

So to finish here is me and Poppy while walking round the lake this morning. I’m off to make banana bread now, before T gets home and has a sleepover with her friend, wish me luck 😄

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading

Lou x

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    1. Apologies I’ve been trying to finish my book, finally finished it yesterday so time to take a trip to the library today 😊 The Light between the Oceans- great at the start, slow in the middle but brilliant at the end. 7 stars from me 😊

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