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The Bodycoach Graduate Plan completed!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a fab week, well I can’t believe I’ve completed yet another fantastic plan by The Bodycoach!

The Graduate Plan has been immense! From struggling through the workouts in the first cycle to pushing myself to lift heavier in the last cycle. This plan has not only pushed me to try new exercises and for longer but it has made me realise I can not only maintain the size and shape the 90 day plan gave me while eating amazing food but also continue to build lean muscle and feel fabulous!

This is a lifestyle change and I am not stopping here, I’m upping my weights again and I only plan on pushing myself even further! I have worked hard over the last 3 months but it has been worth every minute 😁

The food has been A-mazing and I will certainly be continuing with a lot of the recipes, some have become family favourites! That said I’m also looking forward to getting back to some from the 90 day plan and also re-discovering my cook books!

These plans have given me the knowledge of how much I should be eating and when and using that going forward I know I will be able to control my portion sizes far better than pre plan. (I was guilty of piling food on until the plate was full and over eating often just because I was brought up to not waste food.)

For now I have one more day at work and then I’m taking Scott away to a hotel and spa for 3 days, something we have never done before 😊 I think we both deserve the break and will definitely enjoy this 40th birthday treat! (His birthday was yesterday, he is now officially in the over 40 category for running races πŸ˜„)

I’ll be sure to post about our break and update you on my fitness plans once we are back.

For now have a great week and keep plugging away at your goals, trust me if you work hard enough they are achievable!😁πŸ’ͺ

Day 1 of the Graduate Plan to 90 days later!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

7 thoughts on “The Bodycoach Graduate Plan completed!

  1. Way to go! You’re making such great progress! I can totally relate to the food thing – I was also brought up to not waste food and it has been such a battle to unlearn that behavior while also making sure that I nourish my body. It’s been slow but steady progress and it’s totally worth it! So proud of you!

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