Food and Fitness update!

Hey guys,

So I’ve been a little busy the last week and it seems I’ve neglected my blog! So I thought it best to give you a little update on where I’m at with my food and fitness since completing The Graduate Plan.

So it’s been two weeks since I finished and I’ve still done 5 workouts each week, so much for a rest 😂 The thing is it’s part of my routine now, I know I could stop if I wanted to but I would feel rubbish after about 2 days! It’s like an addiction if I’m honest, the feeling you get from smashing a great workout is like no other, nothing can stop you feeling strong and like you could conquer the world! Laying in bed for an extra hour before work just wouldn’t cut it.

So I’ve still been doing some workouts from the plan just because I know they are really challenging but I’ve also mixed it up with 2 days at a gym, spoilt! We were lucky when we were away to have a gym that was empty every day so we had the place to ourselves to mess about with weights and on various machines. I did really enjoy it and it was such a treat to be able to train together BUT I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much if I was waiting around for machines, it was full of people oh and if I had to pay for membership 😂

There really is nothing like getting up in the morning and getting straight on with a workout. You just can’t beat it. Working out at home is perfect for me, with Scott running a lot, either that or playing golf or working I would never be able to get to the gym because someone needs to look after T. Working out in my house she can be asleep or just amusing herself doing something else for half an hour.

Plus we have started our workouts again, Tuesday evening we did 20 minutes of kettlebell exercises and she really enjoyed it!

I’ve also bought some resistance bands for something different, I’ve been following this PT on Instagram for a while and she now has her own brand @kimfrenchfitness so I ordered them the day they came out, wow they are good! I’ve never really had much luck with bands before, they just kind of roll up and are rubbish but these ones are amazing. They stay where you put them and they are so strong you can really feel them working. So I’m pretty excited to incorporate these into my routines.

Yep I well and truly have the bug and I don’t see it stopping any time soon.

Food wise it’s been a mixture, some plan meals, some meals from the 90 day plan, some from cook books and some freezer food, much to the delight of Scott and T! They do like plan food and I’m lucky they pretty much eat anything I put infront of them but they are always happy when the meal involves something beige and baked beans 😂

One thing I’ve learnt is that this is ok once a week, no one’s immune system is going to be lowered because they didn’t eat green veg that one day, I am not going to lose all muscle definition and put on half a stone from eating freezer food once in a while and the world will not think I’m a bad parent for not cooking from scratch 7 days a week!

I love cooking healthy food and am excited to start trying new things again but also go back to some favourites from the old plan and from my cook books.

Some things will not be going anywhere, porridge with berries and nuts and granola not to mention pear pancakes will be sticking around for a long time 😄

So that’s it, you are up to speed, I am planning to order a new 12kg kettlebell but that is when funds allow.

Now I’m off to do a 20 minute banded workout before stuffing my face with chocolate this weekend 😂

I would love to hear how your Easter break has been and how many eggs you plan on eating this weekend!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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