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Adult Braces- 2 years 5 months

Hi everyone, it’s time for my 6 week braces check in! I can’t believe I’ve nearly had my braces on 2 and a half years! I was slightly disheartened going into today’s check as I didn’t feel like anything had really moved but my ortho was so pleased!

The gaps are closing they are just doing it slowly 😄

She is really pleased with my alignment and says the bands and night are still doing their job. In fact to speed things up she wants to see me every 4 weeks now instead of every 6 so we can keep the elastics tight 😁

I told her about my new tooth, yes I am 34 and I got a new tooth 😂 I saw my dentist yesterday and he said it’s because my mouth has made space so the wisdom tooth has made an appearance! My ortho wasn’t shocked at all and apparently if you take 2 out you will usually get 2 back!

And so we continue, bands every night, cleaning food out of my wires after every meal and dreading seeds and nuts but eating them every day because I love them 😂

Thank you for following my journey, let’s hope there is only a few more months of these updates left! 😁

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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