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Food and Fitness Update!

Hey guys, two posts in 2 days what is going on! 😂

Time for an update on my food and fitness so you can see how I’ve been doing since graduating from the plan.

Last week I went all out! I have honestly never done so many workouts in one week, but it just felt really good. I wasn’t exhausted, wasn’t overdoing it and just felt strong and really healthy. I’m all for listening to your body and if it feels good and you are enjoying your training then why not push yourself and fit in as much as you can!

Here’s how my week panned out last week:

Mon- 30 minutes of weighted HIIT + a 20 minute kettlebell session with T

Tues- 30 minute weighted HIIT + 20 minutes of resistance band training

Weds- 20 mins abs

Thurs- 30 mins cardio and abs and 10 minutes of weights

Fri- Rest

Sat- 35 minutes of weighted HIIT

Sun- 20 minutes of abs and resistance bands

I’m still really trying to focus on eating well but Easter crept on in there and I may have consumed several Easter eggs since last Sunday 🙈 But once they are gone I can focus on my next goal which is our family holiday in June 😁 Who doesn’t want to feel amazing for their holiday? Time to focus, eat well and feel amazing! 🙌

This week I have done just as well with my fitness and am really pleased with how it’s gone. I’m finding my confidence in setting my own sessions up now, mixing and matching 20 minute sessions and using tabata style workouts to change things up a bit.

This is my week this week:

Mon- 30 minute weighted HIIT

Tues- 20 minutes of resistance band training

Weds- 10 minutes abs

Thurs- 30 minutes of weighted moves

Friday- 20 minutes of tabata + 20 minutes of arms using dumbbells

Saturday- 40 minutes of 30 different moves in 30 minutes then 10 minutes abs + a 2.5 mile walk

Sunday- I’m planning on doing 20 minutes of banded exercises but I may just rest, I’ll see how I feel tomorrow!

In other news Scott is running a 10k tomorrow but it’s been pretty windy today so hopefully he does well!

T had some training with a GB athlete this week in school and loved it 😁

I hope you all have a great weekend & I’d love to hear what is driving you to work harder on yourself at the moment!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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