Happy 80th birthday to my Nan

Yesterday was Nan’s 80th birthday and today the whole family and about 20 of her friends are coming together at a holiday resort to celebrate. We are so excited 😁

My Nan or Nanny as we have all always called her is amazing, she is always there for you whatever strife you get into, she will voice her opinion but love and support you all the same.

She has been on her own for several years now but she is amazing at keeping busy with her friends and her little dog Baker. For 80 years old she goes to line dancing every week, dances at her club every Saturday and walks Baker twice a day, sometimes for over a mile at a time! She loves nothing more than having her family come to stay, which as she lives at the seaside is fairly often, especially in Summer.🌝

She is so interested in all our lives and is the glue that holds us all together, keeping us all updated on each other. If we only have time to tell one person something it will be Nanny and if we want her to, we know she will soon tell everyone else. 😁

At everyone else’s birthday she will be reminding all of us to get a card, asking what we have got each other & helping us with ideas & she loves nothing more than to spoil her family.

She has been planning this break for about a year and to have everyone come together to celebrate her birthday will be just fab.

We are currently en-route and my cousin and Auntie have both already text me to say they are excited 😊

Happy Birthday Nanny, 80 years young and still going strong, we love you & let’s party!

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