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Happy Thursday!!

Hi everyone!

We made it to Thursday! It’s been a testing week at work with less support than usual, but I’ve coped, along with managing to prep my meals like a boss and stay on track with my targeted workouts so all in all im pretty pleased!

I knew if I wanted to stay fully on track this week, I mean no Easter eggs, no snacking on tit bits at work, no takeaways, I would have to make things interesting! It has so been worth it! Look at all this colourful, exciting food I got to eat just by being a tiny bit organised!

I had to remind myself of my goals on several occasions this week including at the cinema last night when the popcorn smelled so good, but I tucked into my Grenade birthday cake bar and bottle of water 😁 (John Wick 3 was awesome by the way, my one word would be brutal and Scott’s was carnage just to give you an idea! 😂)

It’s not about sacrifices, just balance, this weekend I will no doubt have an “off plan” day because I’m in London 😁🥂 to watch School of Rock, but if the rest of the week looked like this and I’m training hard then my holiday goals are still in sight!

Ok I admit it, I may have hired an additional PT to keep me pushing up until holiday… 🐶

Me and T also managed a workout this week, 10 minutes of kettlebell exercises and a new 5 Alive workout from Joe Wicks- 5 minutes, 5 moves and it really gets your heart pumping! I was really proud of rhe way she dug in and got it done. We are planning another little one on Sunday so will try and do something similar unless she fancies trying a run!

Lastly here is a snapshot of my Saturday night last weekend, my friend turned 30 and we celebrated in roaring 20s style 😁

Happy 30th Natalie!

I hope you have all had a great week and continue to push for your goals, whatever they may be!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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