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Trip to London and fitness update!

Saturday I went to London with my friend to see School of Rock! We had such a fun day and the show was brilliant 😁

The kids all played their own instruments all the way through and their voices were amazing. Even the adults were fab πŸ˜‚

Before the show we had a couple of hours free so managed to squeeze in stops at a few places, The Farm Girl cafe in Carnaby street was our first stop. This was above the Sweaty Betty shop and was a quirky little cafe with amazing brunch options and interesting coffee concoctions!

I had the rose latte and avocado and poached egg on toast- which came with sliced strawberries on top- yes it actually worked and was really nice!

Obviously I managed to find a cushion to fit me πŸ˜„

We then found a great little place called Cake and Bubbles, totally different to our first stop but an indulgence we never normally get to experience as Mums so we went for it!

We really did have the best day and best of all I didn’t feel ‘guilty’ about eating unhealthy or not working out, life is for living and I had worked hard all week so this was my day to enjoy myself 😊

Yesterday I was back to it with a 50 minute workout and two walks probably totally about 3 miles!

This was my day of eating yesterday

Plus I prepped some breakfasts and made chicken katsu for lunch today, it was so good!

Tonight as soon as I picked T up she said she wanted to do a workout!
I adapted dinner so we could work out while it was cooking and we did 20 minutes of HIIT combined with kettlebell moves πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ
I love it when she is inspired, tonight she said it was because she “had a lot of energy and was looking forward to it!’ ❀

We are Jamie Oliver’s sausage fusilli pasta from his 15 minute meals book.

So after a tough workout this morning and a long day at work the day has finished on a high.

Happy Monday everyone!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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