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Adult Braces Update and another week closer to our holiday πŸ˜Š

Hey everyone,

So yesterday was my orthodontist appointment, this was the first time I’ve had just a 4 week gap between appointments in 2 and a half years so it seemed to come round really quickly. I wasnt expecting much to come of it because I knew she just needed to change the bands and check everything was going ok before signing me off for another 4 weeks.

But, not only did she do the above she told me that she could only see it taking a couple more appointments to get where we need to be before taking the braces off! 😁

After 2 and a half years of braces you start to forget there is an end date and honestly it’s all just the norm so to hear that I was so happy!

The rest of my week has been pretty good also, it’s almost the calm before the storm at work because I’ve been getting out on time, things have been ticking away nicely and pressure has been minimal. But, over the next 2 weeks I have multiple meetings, both in and out of the office and several deadlines to meet, not to mention annual leave in my team and getting them all set up ready for me being off for 2 weeks! Oh and its half term next week!

But as it’s been calm at work this week I’ve managed to fully focus on my fitness and smash my little training plan again this week 😊

I upped my routine slightly this week to include:

5x full body workouts

2x banded workouts

2x additional abs sessions

2x kettlebell sessions with T

I’ve felt good this week and have really enjoyed my workouts, especially last night when my best friend came over and we got to work out together.

PS my best friend is not invisible, this is me waiting for her πŸ˜„

I’ve made a few really tasty recipes this week, I’m still using some of the Bodycoach 90 day plan recipes and some from the Graduate Plan but also loving using my Jamie Oliver books again.

This morning I completed a 20 minute kettlebell workout followed by a 12 minute dumbbell workout then walked 2.3 miles round the lake! πŸ˜… It was worth it for this view though

I hope you have all had a great week and that this post hopefully inspires someone, somewhere to get up, out and moving. If you dont start doing something for you today when will you?

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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