I’m still here!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick check in, life has been pretty full on lately with a change in job title, a new workout program & a load of commitments for T so I may be guilty of neglecting my blog family!

So apologies and let’s get you caught up!

I’m now 1 week into a new workout program which is a personalised plan written for me by @gljfitnessuk

My goal on this plan is to build muscle, she has given me macros to achieve and split workouts for each area of the body that I train across the week. The first week has been full on adjusting to tracking my calories and new workouts that have been really pushing my muscles in new ways!

That said I’ve loved it 😁 In just 1 week my waist has come in and I’ve never eaten so much food in my life πŸ˜‚

I’m learning a lot about what you need to fuel your body if you want to build muscle and considering I thought I knew a bit I’m loving this!

T has had her school report this week which was amazing 😊 I’m still so proud of how she applies herself in school and the kind and generous friend she is turning into. The proudest moment had to be when the teacher wrote

“Tiana is very knowledgeable about keeping a healthy lifestyle and delighted in sharing her experiences and tips from home” πŸ₯°

Just. So. Proud.

She has also had a musical theatre exam last weekend and next weekend has her Grade 2 ballet, along with being back to riding since before holiday it’s been all go!

Poppy celebrated her 3rd birthday this week, well when I say celebrated we sang Happy birthday and gave her a new chew and some treats and lots of extra cuddles, she was definitely one happy cockapoo!

Scott has been smashing his running lately with a 3rd place in a 10k a couple of weeks ago along with 1st in his age group and this week a 4th place and 1st in his age group. He starts marathon training soon for the Yorkshire marathon in October.

We are off to the Yorkshire Dale’s in 2 weeks time for our 3rd wedding anniversary, where the last 3 years went I dont know but I’m excited to spend the weekend exploring the countryside and local village pubs with Scott and Pops.

We have also been busy working on our garden and are hoping to have our decked area finished in the next couple of weeks! So excited to get out there on our new garden furniture, which is currently stored in our conservatory and dining room because it was in the sale πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

So I’m not giving up blogging, just taking a step back from it all during this busy time. Finding time to focus on myself, my diet, fitness and routine along with everything else I’ve just mentioned means there is just not a lot of time for my blog at the moment but I’m by no means stopping 😊

Thanks everyone for the kind messages on my last post and have a great week

Lou x

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