Ramblings of a busy Mummy

Where did the last few weeks go?! I think this must be the longest I’ve ever neglected my blog but I feel like life has flown by in an instant with every available minute taken up by something.

Welcome to the world of trying to balance parenthood, eating well, exercising, keeping a clean house, looking after a dog and being a good wife aswell as trying to succeed in a role with more responsibility than I have ever had!

So let’s start with my fitness routine- for the last 5 weeks it’s been 5 days a week of weighted workouts with no cardio and abs sessions of no more than 15 minutes twice a week.

My online coach is fantastic. She keeps me motivated and checks up on me throughout the week adjusting my macros when she feels it will work better. I’m currently on my 2nd 4 week training block and the workouts are tough! I mean mostly I’m a sweaty blob in the corner by the end so much so that even if I wanted to do extra abs I couldn’t because I would stick to the floor!

The best thing is i can see progression!

I’m eating more than I ever have done, more protein especially and my muscles are growing! The numbers on the scale haven’t changed much and my inches have moved slightly but the pictures tell a different story! My arms are rounder, my back is broader and my legs have shape!

So yep I’m loving it.

So onto my little family, T is growing. Shes changing into someone who knows more about the world than I want her to and seems less and less like my baby girl all the time. She is changing in herself too, we have moved into the world of deodorant for goodness sake, I am so not ready for this! She has been wearing crop tops under her school uniform but now it’s hot she doesn’t want to wear them and I’m thinking this will be the last summer she will be able to get away with that so I’m not pushing her. Stay young little one, be crop top free for one last year until you are forced to wear a bra every day for the rest of your life!

She doesn’t want to enter the 5k fun run we did last year, this is fine with me but sometimes there is pressure, “well what is she doing?” Erm nothing! She still rides twice a month and does ballet and musical theatre during school time but right now, this summer, I’m happy just to let her play and not be working towards anything! I see it as similar to the crop top situation, once you grow up you are working towards something for the rest of your life, a holiday, a new car, decorating, a promotion, when do we as adults ever not work towards something?

So this summer she is well and truly working towards just chilling out!

Scott continues to try and beat his personal best in every race he can and mostly succeeds. The wall of medals is ever increasing and more and more races and making their way into the diary with the Yorkshire marathon only 10 weeks away. He has had some sad news this week that someone he worked with has passed away, aged only 38. I’ve done my best to be there for him but cant imagine how he is feeling going into work and trying to carry on and make sure that persons work is done and his team are ok.

It really has been a sad week but it’s the start of my week off with T so hopefully it will soon get better. She had a sleepover last night and we went for a lovely walk this morning and now shes off to the first game of the season at POSH with her Dad.

We have an adults day out to look forward to, I have been given the chance to go to watch the racing at Snetterton tomorrow VIP! These things never happen to me and I was lucky enough to have enough tickets to ask my team if they would like to come with me. So tomorrow me, Scott and 3 of my team will all meet at Snettetton where we will get out pit lane walk and drivers talk in the VIP Honda area. I really am looking forward to it having done nothing like this before.

For now I’m off to finish the housework before I fall asleep on the garden furniture, early mornings do take it out of you and it’s a 5.30 start tomorrow too!

I hope all my friends on here have been keeping well and I’m sorry for my absence, life has just been well and truly full on.

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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