A week with my girl

This week has been the best.

Me and T have had a week off together at home, to do what we wanted.We have had such a great week and I’ve loved spending real time with her, not rushed ‘inbetween making the tea, feeding the dog, packing the lunches and scheduling my meals for the next week’ time.

Here’s how our week went;

Monday – school clothes shopping, a 2.5 mile walk and a movie night at our friends

Tuesday- Started the Summer Reading challenge at the library, a shorter walk and a picnic

Wednesday- swimming and lunch with a friend from school and a 2.5 mile walk followed by a movie night at home- we watched Littlefoot.

Thursday- food shopping then cinema to watch the Lion King, a later walk in the evening followed by GGN- girls games night 😂

Friday- A 3.5 mile walk/bike ride followed by a playdate at our friends and a riding lessonWe have literally had the best time.

Yes, every single day I’ve wanted to turn my work phone on and worried about what has been happening in my team. But I pretty much hid it from myself to stop me looking at it every day. This is bad I know but I guess with added responsibility comes this feeling like you should be there, making sure everyone/everything is ok. Or maybe that’s just me caring about my work too much.

Anyway, shes gone to her Dads until Sunday lunchtime now and I miss her already.

Spent an hour on my laptop, caught up with work, it wasn’t as bad as I feared, now I’m ready for her to come back.

I’ve said this before but sharing sucks.

Thanks for reading

Lou x

PS I still cant upload media to my blogs, it’s very frustrating and I dont know how to fix it.

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