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8 week coaching with GLJFITNESS UK – Review

Wow where did 8 weeks go?! I have no idea how it passed so quickly but I do know that I’ve thrown myself into my personalised fitness plan in ways I never knew I would!

The training has been something completely different for me, 5x weights based sessions weekly with splits of legs, arms, shoulders and back and 2x abs but actually no cardio!

A few months back I was so proud I had smashed The Bodycoach Graduate Plan, 5x workouts of HIIT a week with lots of additional dog walking and as many abs sessions as I could physically manage.

Yes I had abs but looking back at the photos from when I graduated I had over trained and lost all muscle definition. I looked too slim and my size 8 jeans were falling off me.

Fast forward to 8 weeks ago and I started with @gljfitnessuk and at first the thought of no cardio worried me! I had given my goals as building muscle and as I didn’t really have any idea on how to do this myself I was happy to commit to whatever I was given.

I was tracking my Macros on MyFitnessPal, something I’d not used for years and at first I found really stressful. I soon learnt planning would be my best option and that it all became so much easier once you were organised. It became part of my routine to add my food in for a few days in advance starting with my 3 main meals and building up to my protein goal using snacks. When I say snacks I mean mostly protein dense, low fat snacks like tuna, egg whites, nuts, oats and protein shakes!

I would honestly never think I would have been one of those people that hard boiled an egg and only ate the white but the more I’ve learnt about food and what is in it the more empowered I’ve felt throughout this process.

I feel like I actually know what is going into my body and why I need it. Having this knowledge base build over time has made each day easier and now I know just how to fit my food around my daily goals.

I’ve had a couple of evenings out for meals, drank a couple of cocktails and stayed away for my wedding anniversary but always got right back to my goals afterwards knowing soon after I started that this was going to be a long term plan I’ve learnt to adapt it to fit in with my life. I’m not a big drinker and can quite easily say no to sugary treats and snacks if I want to, this plan has made me want to commit and give it 100% so this hasn’t been a problem for me.

My body shape is changing, I no longer look at my arms and shoulders and think how thin and pronounced they are. Instead now I’m proud of the muscles that have started to appear! My legs are finally showing some definition, something cardio never gave me, and my abs have changed, yes they are still there, even though some weeks I haven’t even managed the 2x abs sessions but I’m eating a lot of food and less calories than I ever have! I feel heavier but I like my shape and growth so I’m learning to accept it. So what if there is a little more to me, I finally have curves and they are made of muscle!

I think you can tell by now I’ve enjoyed this process, so I’ve signed up for another 8 weeks!

I know this plan will be tougher and I will have new goals to achieve but I’m actually buzzing to get started.

8 weeks down and 8 to go, let’s see what we can do from now on G!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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