My guide to a 4 week training plan!

Week 1- the week you look at your new exercises the night before, set your carefully selected weights out and Google anything you’ve never heard of before, Youtubing techniques so you can make sure your form is on point. You will feel weak and uncoordinated as you try out new combinations but you will be determined to win the week!

Week 2- The week you are ready to get better! You’ve done all the workouts once, now it’s time to master them. No need for YouTube this week, you can remember what to do and are sure you are doing it better than last week. Every time you do a workout you gain confidence and feel stronger.

Week 3- Now you know the workouts you start to allow less time for them, you can smash this 50 minute workout in 35 if you want but dont neglect your form!! Halfway through and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, you’ve got these workouts down and just want to give them 100% effort now!

Week 4- The week you think you are a pro! The weights are getting heavier, the sets are still hard but you know how to get the most out of them and maximise your effort, you are winning this program and you know it! Dont get too confident or you could end up injured! By the time you get to final check in you will be so excited for what the next block holds and so bloody proud of yourself for committing!

Short, sustainable goals means a 4 week training block can fly by and you will love it!!

Thanks for reading!

Lou x

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