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The Christmas 25 – day 18

Christmas with the cousins My cousins are Eleanor- 21 and Alice- 18. We live about 5 minutes apart by car, they were my bridesmaids at my wedding, helped me through the first stages of getting braces and have been a massive part of T's life ever since she was born. Every Christmas we do presents… Continue reading The Christmas 25 – day 18

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Happy Halloween!

We love Halloween in our house, I've always made a big deal of it since T was a toddler just because I think it's fun. Tonight we have our first attempt at trick or treating! T went last year with her Dad and so knows what to expect and is really excited. Here is our… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

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We have worked so hard but we got there!

That awful moment when your 8 year old says she doesn't like her tummy. Standing in front of a mirror and looking at herself she says it's fat and she doesn't like it. Your heart sinks and you tell her she is beautiful. You plan in exercise and healthy eating for you to do together… Continue reading We have worked so hard but we got there!

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The difference between lucky and spoilt

A child growing up has a lot of questions, they come all the time whether you are expecting them or not and learning how to answer them can be one of the biggest challenges of being a parent. When your child makes a judgement call letting them know that they are correct in their decision… Continue reading The difference between lucky and spoilt

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Burghley horse trials- our third year!

Today we visited Burghley Horse Trials for the 3rd year in a row. We love this place, T has ridden since she was 5, she is now coming up for 9, and so is in heaven with the shops and horses everywhere. As for the adults we love watching the show jumping, treating T to… Continue reading Burghley horse trials- our third year!

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Positive thinking and self belief!

I got a comment last night "you sound so happy, And it's so nice to hear you happy". Proof that sometimes all it takes is some self motivation to turn things around. Sometimes there is no one else that can fix things but you, how fed up and miserable you feel about things can be… Continue reading Positive thinking and self belief!

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Workout update and our new Hyggekrog!

The start of this month saw a new workout routine for T and me. We both felt a little unfit after Christmas and T had started to get a little hung up on her tummy area so I knew as a Mummy it was my job to make her feel better.  We started our workout jar on… Continue reading Workout update and our new Hyggekrog!

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New Year Fitness GoalsĀ 

So the new year means new fitness goals, December saw a lot of slacking in the excercise department and as is customary an over indulgence in Christmas food. The result is a body I know can improve on and don't feel completely confident about, Thank goodness for cold weather so hoodies and jumpers can cover… Continue reading New Year Fitness GoalsĀ 

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What my 7 year old still doesn’t understand about Lady and the Tramp

So the other night was movie night, we have a good sized collection of Disney classics, as any home should and Lady and the Tramp happens to be one of them.  Now we have watched this film countless times but probably not for a few months and this time I came to realise how much… Continue reading What my 7 year old still doesn’t understand about Lady and the Tramp