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Midweek Update

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a good week so far, I feel like I have neglected my blog a little this week as time has just run away with me so here is a little update on what I’ve been upto.


I had been having a problem with my brace where my wire arch that runs inbetween my two back teeth across the top of my mouth had started to dig in to the roof of my mouth. Now I have had this in for 18 months so I’m not sure what happened for it to suddenly start doing this but it meant I had to take time out of work to go to an emergency ortho appointment which was a pain. My orthodontist was off and so the one I saw initially tried to bend it down but my mouth was so sore from where the wire had dug in he couldn’t do it so he decided to drill the wire arch out!

I cannot tell you how nice it feels to not have a piece of wire sitting across the top of your mouth anymore! No more food getting stuck in it, it getting itchy and just generally feeling annoying! I remember the pain I was in when it first got fitted and how my tongue swelled up,I was swilling salt water for days and could hardly eat and now it’s finally out! It just feels kind of empty in my mouth now and I have to get used to this feeling instead.

Here is an example of the torture device I’ve had in my mouth for the last year and a half!

Monday night I did a HIIT workout with T before our burpee challenge then went to choir practise, we have another performance this weekend so we ran through a whole range of songs ready for that, it was really fun.


So after a walking Poppy a mile and a half before work, it was meant to be a quick walk but we bumped into another cockapoo called Piper and ended up walking a lot further than we meant to, and a busy day at work me and T went to see my friend Lisa to deliver her birthday present. She has recently acquired a tortoise called Sydney so we had a little hold of him before he went to bed too!

After getting home and T to bed I did an ab workout then crashed watching TV for an hour till bed time.


Burpee challenge completed this morning before school,we are up to 16 burpees while the other person completes weighted twists now, its tough!

Today has been equally as busy at work too, I’m in a stage at the moment where I just seem to keep creating work for myself but streamlining processes,and rocking boats, at the same time.

T has had her 2nd swimming lesson with the school, it seems like she had a great time and is really enjoying it.

This evening we walked Poppy, ate and are going to watch a film soon.

We may have walked Poppy to the chip shop to get chips to have with our chicken and veg but after eating really healthily all week and working out every day since Friday I think today is treat day!

Tomorrow will be a standard busy Thursday but with the added fun and games of getting one car dropped off for a couple of days which means Scott is my taxi for a little while! I’m looking forward to another good workout tomorrow evening though and also getting T one rehersal closer to her ballet show which is at the end of June.

I’d love to hear what you have been upto this week,

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Adult braces- so no one told me this!

Another 8 weeks gone, Another ortho appointment rolls round. Today I was looking forward to my appointment as I always do lately, I’m just keen to get on with things and get it all done.

After a little telling off because my wires were pretty bent at the back, whoops, She got to work removing all my wires. Fine, standard stuff so far. She was really pleased with my bottom teeth and how the tiny gaps that were left had all closed up, I had been checking them every day in the mirror until they closed so I was very aware this had happened 😂 the wires she was holding looked different this time, and then she tried fitting them in, owww!! She was pushing and pulling towards my top back teeth and then gave up, asking the assistant for a different wire.

This was strange I thought, We never usually have a problem getting the wires in. The bottom teeth were also tough going to squeeze the wire onto which again I thought strange as I didn’t think they had moved that much.

Then she decided to file the ends of the wires down as I told her the last couple of days I have had sores and cuts in my mouth where the wire rubs at night. The filing itself wasn’t too bad but the water and suction were worse!

Altogether I seemed to be in the chair a long time today and my mouth was pretty sore after where it had been pushed and pulled about so much.

We aren’t closing the big gaps this time but next time we will be able to which I’m really excited about.

Then came the shock, I looked in my pocket mirror as I left the room as I always do and wow these wires are huge!! No one told me the wires get thicker as the treatment goes on! Well thinking about it my wires when I first started were really tiny because they had so many angles to bend round I guess but these are something else! She said the bottom wire is almost the thickest one and the top is nearly there too, I didn’t really understand what she meant until I looked at them, They are almost industrial!!

Ok the top wire is still white but because of how thick it is you can see a tiny bit of the back of the wire which is silver so it’s almost two tone! The bottom one is really really thick. At first I thought she did this on purpose so I couldn’t bend them eating tough food 😂But a quick Google and it seems the wires get thicker with treatment progressing!

Just another part no one tells you about until it happens hey! Just when you start feeling confident with how it all looks they go and switch it up, it’s like they do everything they can to not make you smile right up until you get your braces off then Bam! You hit everyone with this amazing smile, oh my god she does have teeth in there! 😂

So here it is, 1 year and 5 months in and here are my big strong wires for the next 8 weeks!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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9 things you didn’t know about my weekend

1. It was Scott’s birthday yesterday 😊 Me being me we had his presents bought several weeks ago and wrapped two weeks ago. Along with some clothes we got him a mug with Tiana’s hand print on, me and a few family members have had these since she was tiny and It felt really special to get him one. We also did a cookie jar where her hand prints made all 4 of us into elephants and Poppy a dog 😄

2. I have been to bed at 9pm the last two nights in a row. Not only have I been super tired due to a few awful nights sleep but the golf has been on so Scott has been left to watch it on his own until midnight! (Sorry any golf fans, It’s just not my thing!)

3. Saturday T and I went to our friends where we did arts and crafts and made cornflake cakes. We had a great afternoon.

4. I replaced the Christmas tree T got from father Christmas last year, I left it too long before planting it and it died, bad Mummy. She also got 3 free bunches of daffodils as it was in a layby local to us and towards the end of the day, She was so pleased and they are sitting on her desk in a jar.

5. My braces have been cutting into my mouth all weekend and every morning I wake up I pop my cheeks off the wires, ouch indeed. It’s crazy how I can go weeks without any pain then wake up one morning covered in sores and lumps before it all disappears again about a week or two later.

6. My Mum travelled to see my brother in Japan yesterday. He is there for a year at uni as he is studying Japanese. The only reason I know she went yesterday was because of Facebook. We haven’t spoken in months and haven’t text in weeks and even when we did she never mentioned she was going I found out from family. This is just the way things are with my Mum, I haven’t seen her since Christmas and I only live an hour away. It’s something that bothers me deep down but mostly I try to forget about it. I just know when T is older I will be on the phone all the time and will never go months without seeing her of my own choosing.

7. Yesterday we spent a couple of hours with my best friend and her partner at a bar we haven’t been to before. It was really nice just chatting and catching up because we don’t see the both of them that much since they live an hour away and both lead really busy lives.

Apart from a minor meltdown on the way to the bar because I knew one way to go and was happy to drive because I knew the way then Scott suddenly telling me to go a different way- I am not a confident driver and if I don’t know the way I generally don’t drive somewhere. I also don’t deal with change well at all, if things aren’t planned to perfection I get panicky and last minute changes really stress me out. Anyway we sorted it out and got there fine and had a really nice time.

8. I was really happy Scott’s son took the time to message him and post a picture of them both as he is on holiday with his girlfriend at the moment and is your typical 18 year old with keeping in touch usually. Scott was thrilled and it meant a lot.

9. Yesterday marked the start of our week off as a family. Ok we only spent a couple of hours together just us three but the main thing was Scott had a great day. Now I’m looking forward to having a week where we actually spend some time together. It’s been tough on us over the last couple of weeks with Scott working every day of the Easter bank holidays and I worked his day off in the week this week as extra. It’s ok to say it was worth the money which it was but it always takes it’s toll on us and really towards the end of a period like this we end up distant and unappreciating of each other. Anyway we have recognised this and it’s clear this week could not have come at a better time. T has been all over Scott the last day or so having hardly seen him so it’s clear she is going to enjoy this week just as much as us.

Anyway guys thanks for reading all that and I hope you had a great weekend!

Lou x

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Adult Braces- slow progress

It has been a long wait for my orthodontist appointment this time! It was 8 weeks anyway and then it was cancelled last week for this week so it felt extra long. Apart from a broken wire mid way and my back wires popping out a few times when I’ve eaten crunchy food I have felt this time has been really uneventful!

But, as the orthodontist told me today “it is all moving along nicely!” I just couldn’t see an awful lot happening on my top teeth as they are slowly moving in to position so my centre line is where it needs to be. This will take some time but she is really pleased with the progress. My gaps along the sides at the top will get smaller as she moves the teeth into them and the space that is left will have teeth “tucked into it” towards the end apparently!

On the bottom I knew nothing had happened this time as I had some brackets moved last time I could only have a ‘soft wire’ fitted which means it’s just sitting there resting and not doing any actual pulling just until the brackets have time to set. This time she plans to have all the gaps closed along the bottom and once that is done and they are all nice and straight she can put the final wire in!

Now I don’t really know what this means as I’ve not done this before but it sounds good to me so I’m now really excited to get to the final wire stage!

So there might not have been a lot of progress that I can see myself this time but everything is progressing as it should so maybe an end goal is in sight at the 2 year mark after all!

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A slow weekend but an exciting week ahead!

This weekend has been a slow one. The weather has been pretty wet and dreary and I’ve spent most of it feeling really ugh. Yesterday I ran some errands and spent time making a photo collage of Louis 18th birthday for his room then walked Poppy in the rain and spent the afternoon watching the rugby.

My evening was spent watching a Lord of the rings film while Scott was out. Today we again ran more errands then had lunch at a local garden centre because we were out and starving. I had a toasted chicken and bacon sandwich with seeded bread and salad it was so good and filled me up for ages!

Poppy was treated to a new bed for the living room today as she hasn’t had one in there for a few months and I think it went down pretty well.

We got T back about 3.30 today then headed over to my in-laws for dinner and took Poppy with us. My sister in law and her family were over and the kids all played nicely and enjoyed all taking Poppy for a walk before dinner. They even found two love rocks on their walk!

But I’m ending the evening still feeling bloated and rubbish and with a broken wire on my braces! Emergency call to the ortho tomorrow will sort it but it’s just a pain I didn’t need.

Remaining positive, this week promises to be a good one with pancake day Tuesday, Valentines day Wednesday and our40 Random Acts of Kindness starting the same day!

It’s also half term this week so when I am finished work on Wednesday there will be no overtime this week and instead fun times will be had with Scott, T and our friends.

For now I am snuggled underneath my cosy dressing gown with a cup of tea and hoping tomorrow will be a better day!

Have a good week everyone,

Lou x

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Adult Braces- first check up of 2018

So it was that time again today, back in the chair. As much as I come to look forward to these appointments so we can move on with the treatment there is also a tiny amount of dread in my mind for what new device will be fitted to my teeth this time! 

Today was fairly manageable in comparison to some of the appointments I’ve had over the last year and a month. There were two brackets taken off the bottom front teeth and two new ones put on in slightly different places. This will hopefully even my bottom teeth out as they are all slightly different lengths at the moment. 

My coiled spring type device on the bottom was removed as the tooth that was so out of line last time is now right in line with the others which I’m really pleased about. 

Along the top we are still moving my teeth into the gaps at the sides where my extractions were, the left side is moved enough but once the right side has moved she will start to align the front top teeth exactly where she wants them. 

So this time there were no chain links on the front top teeth which means I can eat tomato soup and curry again 😁 the bottom teeth have no crazy wire covers or spring links on which means I’ve left the orthodontist today looking more “normal” than I have in months! 

I’ve had quite a few problems with wire cutting my inside cheeks these past 6 weeks. Today it’s my bottom front lip that has a large sore part so I bought some wax from the ortho in a cute pink box to help me get over the fact that I’m still using the stuff over a year in! 

A couple of people have commented over the Christmas period, mainly due to the amount of photos that are taken, but how much T is smiling with her teeth out now. This was one of the main reasons I started this whole process, my little girl was refusing to smile with her teeth out in photos because Mummy never did. Now I’m so confident in my teeth I’m already smiling with them out even though they still have braces on and so is she! 

I would never have believed that would be happening if you had told me a year ago.

Keep on with your appointments anyone who is going through this because although it may be slow going it’s 100% worth it!

Bye bye nasty coiled spring device on the bottom row!

Hello relatively normal looking teeth!

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Adult Braces 1 year on!

Exactly 1 year ago today I walked out of the orthodontist in tears. Yes I had chosen to have braces but I don’t think I had mentally prepared myself for how bad they would look on crooked teeth. 1 year on I’ve got the confidence to smile with my teeth out in photos, something I hadn’t done for years before this. I’m still only about halfway through my journey but I’ve learnt a few lessons along the way I thought I would share with you. 

People don’t notice your braces
– your new piece of mouth jewellery, the latest torture instrument your orthodontist just installed yesterday, the lovely coiled metal spring fixed to your bottom teeth you hate with a passion- nope none of it. Apart from when you first get them fitted your colleagues, friends and family will not even notice anything new, it’s part of your face now and they just expect it to be there! I know this doesn’t sound like a good thing but it is, who wants people staring at your mouth 24/7 not me!

Don’t eat curry-
not unless you want to end up with fluorescent yellow bands you are desperate to get changed before you even look at another human being! (Thank you dental nurse for squeezing me in!)

No matter how much your mouth hurts it won’t be forever-
the sores, welts, blisters and holes in your cheeks will disappear in a week or two and you will be pain free for another few weeks or until the next lot of movement happens with your teeth.

There are some foods you just can’t eat-

Apples, chewy chocolate bars, sweets, nuts, hard cookies or biscuits, chewing gum to name a few! Then there are the foods that I can’t eat or drink because they will stain my bands or ceramics, so there is no red wine, black coffee or tea, tomato soup or curry! (I have to say it’s not just to put you off, listen to your orthodontist because yellow bands after a curry do not look great!!) The one I miss most this time of year has to be mulled wine though, there is nothing like a glass of that with friends with a mince pie on the side… Ah one day!

It’s not worth eating infront of people without an interdent stick and a pocket mirror to hand-
breakfast, lunch or dinner I’ve come to realise whatever you eat some of it will always get stuck in your braces so be prepared for it! The first thing I will do after eating is check a mirror and remove whatever got stuck! This could be at my desk at work, or in a separate room away from friends and family at home. This used to make me very self conscious but I can pretty much tell if there is something big stuck in my wires so I tend not to say much to people until I’ve had a little check and removed the offending object! Again no one cares you have to clean food out of your wires, no one watches, no one comments, even the little ones have got used to me doing it now and don’t even pass comment any more! This is just another thing that you get used to doing every day at regular intervals.

Always keep wax, bongela, and lip balm in a little rescue kit for when you need it
– this week I’ve gone from no pain for the previous three weeks to having a deep groove on my inside cheek from where the wire has rubbed suddenly. It’s painful when I eat, suck a straw and I wake up in the night with the wire firmly pressed into this hole it’s created which is really painful! There is nothing for it, out comes the wax, load up with bongela and wait for it to heal! A good mouthwash will also help as will salt water but I’m trying to avoid that this time because I know it will sting!

You will come to look forward to your ortho appointments-
who knew you would be so keen to get back in the chair but you will, the reason why is because it moves you on. It’s progression, which is all you really want with these things on isn’t it, to get ever closer to the end goal of nice straight teeth. Yes you will have pain for about a week or so and that first night after a tightening you will feel like you have been punched in the face and will live off of pain killers and soft food but it’s not forever. A week later you will forget you have even had them tightened, until You Start seeing those little changes the orthodontist told you would happen.

Be ready for the wow when you tell people how much they cost-
of course you don’t have to do this but we are all adults, I don’t personally see the point in hiding my finances from anyone who wants to know. I did it for me and my confidence and people can judge all they want but I bet if they were all truly honest there would be something they would change about themselves if they were prepared to commit. How many celebrities have secret surgery and don’t mention it, mine is just stuck to my face for 2 years so I couldn’t help but tell people!

So one year in is it all worth it? Hell yes!

If someone said to me I had to get them taken off tomorrow I would be fine with that! They aren’t perfect yet, there are gaps to close and teeth to level up but for the first time since my baby teeth my teeth are all in a straight line on the top and bottom! I never knew how much confidence a nice smile could give you until I had one, so bring on year 2 and let’s get this over with! 😁

Day 1 and one year on!

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Adult Braces 11 months in

Today was my 8 week orthodontist appointment and I was quite looking forward to this one! (I had obviously gone too long between appointments, who looks forward to that chair?!) The reason I was looking forward to it was because my last remaining tooth had moved into the space made for it and was today being attached to the wire. When I look back at my day 1 photo 11 months ago it’s so hard to believe how many different directions my teeth faced in, some were infront some behind and all different lengths and angles. Now my top teeth are almost all forward facing and with this last tooth being brought forward my bottom teeth will be too.
But obviously this movement comes at a price and today the instrument of torture was a chain across my top 4 teeth to bring them back into my gaps. The chain is clear so it’s only slightly visible when you get close and most people won’t even notice it’s there I doubt. Once this moves my teeth into the gaps where my extractions were there will be small gaps at the front which my orthodontist will then work on closing.

On the bottom I have a “piggyback” link which is pulling my one remaining tooth forward into line with all the others and once this happens she will work on getting them all the same height.

So with these new devices all fitted and my orthodontist very happy with my progress off I skipped to enjoy my day! Now I’m getting used to the pain part and know I’ve got a good few hours before it kicks in so I got as much done as I could possibly fit in before said pain hit. I even had a friend round with her boys who had a play with T and ate tea at ours. It was all going well until they left and then bamm it hit me like a freight train! Maybe it was because I stopped and actually started to notice it but wow notice it I did!!

Right now the pain is travelling down my jaw and up across my face. Moments like this it have to focus on how far I’ve come in the last 11 months, my top teeth look amazing and I’m actually smiling with my mouth open at times, a complete no no for years before this.

So here it is my 11 month progress picture!

Onwards and upwards with this process!

New glasses this week to complete the geek chic!
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One proud weekend, a braces update and our Poppy is back!

The Great Eastern Race 

So yesterday my husband ran his first half marathon. He has been training for it since the start of the year which hasn’t always been easy with some time off with injury but he has kept focused and really smashed it! He was aiming for under 1 hour 30 and came in at 1 hour 26 which meant he was 199th out of approx 5400 people. We were so proud and couldn’t be happier for him. It was so great to see everyone at his running club congratulating him on his great time and him feeling so pleased with his performance. 

After the race T put his medal over his head in a cute little medal ceremony, he was so happy it was a great day.

Braces Update
Today I realised that my teeth had changed quite a lot in the last few weeks since my orthodontist appointment so I decided to take a photo, I was so pleased with what I saw! The top two teeth now almost look level and my bottom teeth are moving so much there is now a small gap starting to create that the one remaining tooth not in the wire can move into. I normally only take photos on appointments but this time I was just so pleased I had to share! 

Left is my first braces appointment Dec 2016, right is today.
Poppy is back!

So 10 days ago my lovely cockapoo Poppy was spade and she has been making us feel guilty for it ever since! Today she got her stitches out and so can finally be without her cone! After a wash, dry and brush our fluffy Poppy is back snuggling on the sofa and smelling lovely! We are taking it slowly but tonight we gave her one ball and let her back up the stairs for the first time since the op. You could tell she was so excited to be part of the family again rather that shut behind the gate for her own safety. Welcome back Poppy, We have missed you! 

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The New Mrs M makes a year! 

Wow I can’t believe I made a year! When I started this blog it was as an outlet to share my experiences with braces as an adult and to hopefully learn from other people’s journey also. The thing is it’s turned into much more than that! I’ve learned I love to document my life! Sharing experiences, hobbies, days out, trips away, special moments gives me real enjoyment and it’s the lovely comments and likes I get from readers around the world that keeps me writing. I have written about so many things in the last year from my experiences as a step parent to buying our puppy last year. I’ve talked about my love of being married and the happiness it brings to my struggles of trying to progress a career while still being a present parent. I’ve continued to document my experiences with braces and will keep on doing so in the hope that they help others deliberating whether or not to take the plunge or are already on their journey. My new found love of walking/hiking has been a hot topic over the summer months this year culminating in a walking challenge which saw me walk over 80 miles in a month!

This blog has been like a journal at times being the first thing I want to do when I’m going through a tough time and a way to vent my frustration while also sometimes allowing me to see my opinions in a different light.

Reviews of places I’ve been have almost become a part of the experience now and it’s a given to my husband that some of the many photos I take will be specifically for my blog. If I can show someone how great a place was or how dog friendly somewhere can be and they can enjoy it as much as I did then my writing is all worthwhile.

There are plenty of mum blogs out there and I don’t just write about my experiences as a Mum but this has also been a huge part of my blog. Again if I can show someone else what we get up to and they enjoy doing it then why not!

Whatever my chosen topic is I would just like to say thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read my posts, like them and leave a comment. Without your interest I wouldn’t have continued to write and had 2 pieces published, something I would never even have attempted to do before this!

My plan for the future is to keep blogging, sharing my happy times and my sad times too, hopefully helping others with my braces experiences and reviewing everywhere I go!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my journey so far and here’s to the next year!

Lou x