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A Happy and Healthy 2019

Happy New Year everyone! šŸ˜ I hope you all saw it in with those dearest to you. I'm going to take this opportunity to tell you my health and fitness plans for this year. I've been steadily working away at 4 or 5 workouts a week every week and am still so motivated about my… Continue reading A Happy and Healthy 2019

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Positive thinking and self belief!

I got a comment last night "you sound so happy, And it's so nice to hear you happy". Proof that sometimes all it takes is some self motivation to turn things around. Sometimes there is no one else that can fix things but you, how fed up and miserable you feel about things can be… Continue reading Positive thinking and self belief!

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New Year Fitness GoalsĀ 

So the new year means new fitness goals, December saw a lot of slacking in the excercise department and as is customary an over indulgence in Christmas food. The result is a body I know can improve on and don't feel completely confident about, Thank goodness for cold weather so hoodies and jumpers can cover… Continue reading New Year Fitness GoalsĀ 

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So I’ve decided to climb a mountain!Ā 

So recently I decided I wanted a new focus. Scott has joined a running club which meet twice a week and he is enjoying focusing on that which leaves me at home to get fit. I've been using my kettle bell to workout again while he's out again am feeling better for it but I… Continue reading So I’ve decided to climb a mountain!Ā